Laser powered AK-47 What do you think?

Here is a picture of the “Rifle” and a link with more information and a video near the bottom where you can see the rifle burning through wood, clothes and a tire

I think it is not a good idea because you could easily blind someone with rouge beams bouncing off reflective materials, What do you all think? I also see some resemblance to the GT and that crazy optics mod someone did a short time back… :open_mouth:

Absolutely no way that’s not against the some convention. You can’t have any type of blinding laser weapon

They might get away with giving it to their police but not their military.

Post edited, I should know better than to mispeak around here.

I don’t think that’s a worry on a Chinese weapon system. Besides we have our own “Dale” lumens ahead of the Chinese. Geneva Convention does not cover any of this and the Hague Convention usually only covers uniformed combatants.

Ya’ll are really going to have to do the math here. Being able to set a human being on fire with a laser from half a foot much less a half mile away will take entirely more power than that thing can produce. Anyone who knows anything about lasers should be able to tell you that. And when did the Chinese military start putting SWAT on their helmets? BS, plain and simple.

it’s China, u can’t expect they will follow the rule
btw, the power of this gun is not impressive, but i guess with high accuracy and silent action, it is useful in some operations

As long as it can kill gophers and not wake up the neighbors or burn half the town down, I’m all for it. :laughing:

You can blind people will small handheld lasers already, no need for that giant rifle :slight_smile:

i like how everyone calls any type of rifle an “ak-47”

AK. Lol

Well yeah, AK = assault krifle. The K is silent.

Actually AK = Avtomat Kalashnikova

Exactly. Same as how the AN-94 is “Avtomat Nikonova”, referencing the main designer just like the AK line does with Kalashnikov.

Yeh, combined with face recognition software, and ubiquitous surveillance, it’s the ultimate in “enemies list” based crowd control.
Hold down the trigger and scan the crowd; occasionally it goes ZAP.

Be good now.

won;t work in rain or fog though


Laser Pro Styropyro had this to say regarding this rifle:


China’s million dollar laser assault rifle rendered useless by Aliexpress

Someone better call the kid out asap, he just said (@ 3:30 Texas shooter) “blinding lasers are banned by the Geneva convention”.

Clearly he’s an idiot who has no idea what he’s saying…


Why I even clicked the thread again I’ll never know. Geneva and Hague conventions are old with protocol from 1899 to 1949 with three added protocols; 2 in 1977 and 1 in 2005. The United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW or CCWC) was held in Geneva but is not the Geneva convention. Beginners guide is Geneva convention is about how combatant and non-combatants are treated. Hague Convention is about how we can kill each other and with what. United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapon held in 1979 and 1980 covered certain weapons like lasers.

Most of this was already covered in Declaration of Independence, Declaration of the Rights of the Man and of the Citizen of 1789, Magna Carta Libertatum and the Bill of Rights.

Lets not forget the Treaty of Versailles, International Opium Convention, signed in Hague. Minority Treaties; Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine, Treaty of Trianon, Treaty of Sèvres. And lets not forget the Armistice of Mudros either.

Will there be a test?

No test, however this does pretty much cover Star Trek Phasers and Photon torpedoes. Hence showing that Captain Kirk and most of the Federation are truly war criminals.