Lasers suggestions?

Hello all! I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I saw a post on lasers and I am actually looking for a good quality high powered laser. Apologies if this is in the wrong category. I asked this on the lasers subreddit, but I want to get some opinions here too if anyone knows a lot about lasers.

These 2 really stood out to me but if you have other better suggestions please let me know!:

Cyber 445nm - 1.2W Focusable Blue Laser Pointer

TANK 445nm - 1.2W Adjustable Focus Blue Laser Pointer

I'm kinda thinking about the cyber 445nm just cuz i can get it for $30 less, but what is the difference between these 2 really? Is it just the style of the host or what? Also is that Cyber 445nm on sale right now? Will that price go up soon or will it stay at $120 for a bit. And are the beginner goggles good (safe) enough for this laser or should I look for something better? If so do you have any suggestions? What are the best (cheapest in price) safety goggles for the blue laser?

As an aside, for higher spec lasers what should one use for eye protection?

Lazerer use to be considered a decent site but it appears to no longer be true, from what I seen on LPF.

I would suggest something from laserbtb instead.

Be aware that these lasers can cause serious, permanent injury. And it may not even be felt. Damage can also be progressive, small amounts of damage building up over time.

You just have to make sure to get goggle that protect against the correct wavelength of light. You can just google it. Blue and green lasers need red safety glasses.

Why do you say that? I still hear good things about it. Many people over at the lasers subreddit recommended that site.

Honestly, I doubt reddit is a reliable source of information on lasers. The signal to noise ratio can be really low on reddit. Plus quite a few idiots / trolls.

If you’re handy, you can build your own >6W 450nm. Check out DTR’s shop. He should have everything you need. Just make sure you get very good protective googles and be a responsible operator.

Building one may be out of the question. I have never built any flashlight or laser yet, so I don't know if I would be able to. Maybe some day in the future.

I use to be very active at LPF (laserpointerforums). I recently went to check up on which companies are good (it changes) and Lazerer is not what they once were. Sure some new people seem happy with purchases but from the long term LPF members who I know are reliable, I got a different story.

hmm, so is laserbtb a safe/legit site? I never heard of it before, so I don't know. Also the topsites thing over at LPF doesn't seem to work for me. just gives me a blank page. The Blue 445nm 1600mW seems like a decent laser from the link that you sent me. are there any reviews/videos about it? Also how can i check that this website is legit? I don't see any customer reviews anywhere. Does this seller have a good reputation? Good warranty? Good shipping? Shipping insurance? Customer support? etc. etc.

Where are you looking for customer reviews? Search over at LPF.

That topsites link at LPF is just part of the advertisements. Ignore it and any other ads.

By the way, what country are you in? There is always a risk that a high power laser could be confiscated at the border. Might be a higher risk for some countries.

I was looking for reviews on laserbtb and didn't see any. But i made a similar thread over at LPF and they recommended the same laser. Do you know if there are any coupon codes for this site? Or any way I can get a discount? Also, where can I get some quality safety glasses for cheap?

I am from the US btw.

It’s hard to suggest anything if you don’t tell us what you expect from this laser… Do you want to burn things, to do special lighting effects, to point at stars, to mount it on a rifle, to have some kind of laser saber, to do light painting, to do some home made experiments…

I have a 1W+ blue laser from FastTech. It’s impressive for sure, but like most laser of that kind it runs on two 16340 cells which is not enough IMO. It can only run for about half an hour and does heat up a bit. It can burn things at close range, but the focus is not optimal - this seems to be challenging for blue lasers… The effect lenses some lasers come with can be even more fun then the bare laser beam… it depends what you’re looking for. Right now i’m having more fun with cheap 301 100mW+ green 18650 lasers with a starry lens…