Lastest Micro LEDs

Am researching micro LED flashlights and wanted a few recommendations.

I would prefer one similar to the D.Q.G. Fairy or Spy. Am curious to know if a manufacturer has displaced the D.Q.G.’s in popularity.

Lumintop has a couple, such as the Frog. Anything that takes a 10180 battery will be similarly tiny

As far as I know, the Spy and Fairy are uniquely tiny.

Most other 10180 lights are noticeably longer…10mm or so. The Jetbeam Mini-1 is in between, but still not as small as the DQG’s.

The Lumintop Frog is unusual as a 10180-powered light that has a momentary switch, running the advanced Narsil user interfaces, instead of the more common twisty style light. Note that Lumintop advertises the performance it would achieve with a 10440 battery. As far as I know, there are no 10180 cells powerful enough to put out more than maybe 200 lumens.

If you want a step up in performance while still staying unusually compact, the Rovyvon Aurora series has become pretty popular.

And for something unusually compact in its class, and very unique in general, the Lux RC Minions are in a class of their own. They’re also way out of the price range most of us would ever spend. And, they’re very hard to find.

Yeah, DQGs are still my favourite small lights.

Thank you. I will check out the Frog.