Latest design bike light Zanflare new arrival for $42

1.Zanflare B3 bike light on sale @zanbase
New arrival price is $42!
All the bugs are solved with good cooling ability and unique designs!
$68: $42

2. Xiaomi Killer! High quality touch screen sensitive wool gloves $1.5! Keep your hands warm in the cool winter when use your phone.
$11.9: $1.5

3.Zanflare F3 AAA EDC Flashlight

$23: $7.99

4. Zanflare C4 Multifunctional Battery Charger
$48: $23.99

Zanflare C4 is a really good charger, especially for professional users. It sells very well on Amazon.

5.Zanflare F2 Cree XP-G2 Water Resistant Compact Portable LED Flashlight :
$33.00 $12.99,61% off

What is the difference between the F2 and F2S?
It would be nice if you included links to the reviews of the light that you took the comments from.

I think the F2S is the sticky version, for people inclined to drop things. :innocent:

F2S: Low: 50LM; Medium: 100LM; High: 200LM
F2: Low: 15LM; Medium: 50LM; High: 200LM

For review, you can just search and easy to find.

Zanflare has solved this issue.
We offer good service.Look at the Warranty & Return:

F2S: Low: 50LM; Medium: 100LM; High: 200LM, Strobe 200LM
F2: Low: 15LM; Medium: 50LM; High: 200LM, Strobe 200LM

Gearbest solved this :wink: But yes, I am being compensated by the failure that the light had, so I’m happy with that :wink:

For the F2, ML (0.5) - Low (15) - Medium (50) - High (200) would be a good configuration! NO Strobe, and NO memory :wink:

Mine has a defective switch GB hasn’t responded to my request for a new one. Can I purchase one from GB?

Now Zanbase has a special deal for Zanflare F1. If you are interested, I can PM you a coupon.

JUST FYI this is only applicable to limit of 1 adapter

If you have a deal on the F1, please PM me with a coupon code.

So is it your “crystal coating” and “precision digital optics” your “technolgy/jargon” or Nitecore’s? Can you at least change your marketing phrase to not be exactly like Nitecore’s.

So we have another zanflare representative and another zanflare thread that’s going to be regularly updated…. amusing. :person_facepalming:

Zanbase is one of the sellers of Zanflare and other brands. We are not zanflare representatives.

Some sort of checkout glitch. I was taking you up on the $8.99 deal but when I finalized the offer Paypal showed the total as $15 or $16 so I cancelled the order. Anybody else have this happen?

Sorry for that. Let’s check it first.

It is free shipping to UK, US, DE, FR, IT, AU,CA, ES via flat rate shipping. If you choose other shipping, there is a shipping cost.

I used free shipping with no insurance total was 8.99 until the last paypal confirmation, maybe it’s their glitch?

We check it here without any issue. Could you try it again?