Latest Knives, Pliers in Chinese Market.

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From today on, I will try to keep you updated with some of the latest knives just for share, pliers.etc made in China(including some OEM products) in this topic.

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Where is your site.

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basic information:

Whole Length: 16cm

Blade Length: 6cm

Full Tang, Material: 7Cr17 (57HRC)+Micarta

Weight: 150g with sheath

Beautiful?? Bah!

It's Gorgeous!!! :D

How about a link and a price?

What is the name of this knife?

"The Tiger Claw" would work...

We call it "ghost" here

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If you get a moment, pm me the link and price too....that knife is gorgeous! Or, better yet, post it here. I know a few people would buy one in an instant. (I'm looking at you, fishinfool!)

I'm now seriously wondering what people around here are doing with a kerambit.

(Yes, I know it's pretty)

Personally I plan on taping 3 to each hand while wearing yellow spandex....

So your hair is already done?

Well they do have a convenient slot to holster your budget light.

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you can have more information at:

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for BLF members, our price is 20.56 USD for one pcs including shipping cost with registered mail.

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