Learning a Ton

Hello all. Ive been a bit of a flashaholic for the better part of 12 years. I have only recently learned that you dont have to spend $100+ per light though. I'm loving the world of budget lights and slowly building a collection. It started with Maratac AAA lights (which arent so cheap with shipping). I've added a Maratac AA, 4/sevens MiniQuark 123, Richuang AAA, Tank007 TK703, and have about 5-6 others on the way on the slow boat from China. After the newness wears off of those lights, I'll start probably start working on a collection of 18650 lights.

Anyway, I've been lurking for quite a while and decided that I needed to join because Ive got a specific question that I havent seen answered anywhere. Ill post in the General forum. Thanks in advance and Happy to be here.

welcome astros50

Great to have you here astros50! Sounds like you have a nice collection of lights. Looking forward to hearing about your new acquisitions.

Aloha and welcome to BLF astros50!

Welcome to the BLF astros50!

Welcome astros50! Enjoy.

Welcome from me as well, astros50! It's good to have you here. :-)

Thanks for the warm welcome. This is a comfortable forum-- the way a forum should be. No bashing.

southern indiana..? why would you bash someone who's down already ..Welcome to blf

You have no idea, bra!
Oh wait a minute. … Ohio? You know exactly what I’m talking about!
Ha ha ha… LOL… and all that.

Crazy midwesterners...." GET A ROOM"!

I probably don't want to know what this means........

Ask me about Weegies. Better still don't. I'm a Weegie by birth.

Derisive or humorous comment said to couples engaged in heavy-duty PDA (e.g. swapping spit in the middle of a party) that means your wanton lust is making me uncomfortable (or jealous). The implication is you should get a motel room because you're practically doing it here.
Get a room you two love birds! We're trying to watch the game here.
by mandingoe May 24, 2004 share this
2. get a room 92 up, 10 down
A comment one says in order to express the disapproval of sexual acts in the presence of others. Poking fun at lovers doings sexual acts in public.
"Dude, Ben and Misty are all over eachother. They should get a room."



Well, that's what usually mean Match's expression 'get a room'