Led bulbs for work lamp.

Found the use for led bulbs was limited.

Will try them in a hash enviroment? Opinions,please!


Probably be better than an ordinary globe as they tend to break when bumped

How is the light distributed? Would it work lying like that under a car or do you have to angle the light?

Im curious about how LED lights work for environment where actual manual work is performed like the Kitchen. Correct me if I am wrong, but don't LED lights give off a lighter glow? Doesn't this make things less visible, when visibility is really needed?

I was not aware of that the different type of leds I bought where so focused.Not much help from China sellers descriptions. Think it is no big deal to put on some white plastic to make flashlight type of diffusor.Old bulbs where blinding so had similar problem.

To comply with the unwritten rules of the this budget forum I tok a looong cable from a scrap vaccum cleaner.


Let us know how it works for you. Is it bright enough? At least you won't burn yourself as I have on droplights with a hot bulb. I have eye problems. For me a reflector on one side of the light would also block the light from shining back in my eyes and (for me especially) make it difficult to see.

I bought some of my bulbs to be used in a kitchen and chose warm color ones since I think it looks nice.Narrow light angle made lit area to small for me.

Just wanted to find some use for the bulbs I bought and share ideas with you.I am shure there are better ways of doing it. One of those ugly "Corn" led bulbs might have been a better choice for my type of work light? And I have now learned that it is called "droplight" in English.


Aaaah. Too narrow ei. So maybe LED lights are good for VERY SPECIFIC uses or areas that are limited and small? Or would it be better if I completely forego the idea and just use fluorescent bulbs?

Light pattern was better than I remember it. Warm White SMD bulb that I bought for 3-4 dollars on Ebay. If it is bright enough is an individual thing. Easy to make a reflector that prevents glare, too.


How do you do that? Make a reflector...? Sorry, I know the question may seem silly, but I'm a newbie. Hehe.

Also, if I manage to lessen the glare, would it work better as a drop light above my work station?

if can't meet you requirement, are you use fluorescent bulbs again?


Reflector is up to your imagination.

Aluminum foil,white plastic or even a white rag?


Fluorescent is perhaps more sensitive to an unprotected lamp that is thrown around? I think this might be a good application for led bulbs.

But yes,if I need more light I got a spare in the garage.


a camping light

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