Led Headlights wiring harness

Hi everyone.
I am adding 2 extra headlights on my truck. They are TruckLite 7” round units and they have H4 connectors normally used to retrofit older vehicles. My truck does not have H4 original lights so I need to figure out a way to wire them up.

Those light are Hi/low beam.

I see a lot of wiring harnesses for H4 lights online but they always have the power source from another H4 socket that normally comes original on the vehicles.

Since my truck never had them H4s i will have to hook them up directly onto the batteries amd use a Hi/Low switch and relay I am guessing.
Anyone could help me find or make the harness or way to modify one of those conversion harnesses?

There is one normal H4 conversion harness


H4 is just 3 pins: ground / low-positive / high-positive.

Ground, connect to ground. Meter should tell you which pin is grounded.

Relay connects to the battery, and switches high, and another relay does the same but switches low.

I had an halogen (4464 or whatever) to H4 adapter, but it was wired wrong and had to swap high/low. Point being you should just figure out with a meter which is which.

No idea what you got vs what you need. It should be as easy as connecting an adapter from your car’s socket to an H4 plug, right at the headlight, 1 for each, of course.