LED Lenser mod/repair.

Hello gents.

I have the pleasure of repairing a lenser P7 for a work colleague, which I think has a dead emitter. It looks like an XR-E, sat atop a small pedestal which is part of the pill.

I have voltage out of the battery carrier when operating the switch, so I think the problem is at the top. There is no driver as such, just a blank board connected to the LED via what looks like a resistor. I guess the problem could be the resistor - I’ll check it out tomorrow when I have access to the light again.

If it is the LED, would it be worth trying to upgrade? I reckon an XM-L would go in there, but I understand that there are some much better XR-Es available now. Bearing in mind the lenser uses a purpose designed aspheric type lens, would an XML work well in this setup?

Also, how exactly is the voltage/current regulated for the modes (H/L/Turbo)? At first I thought it might be some sort of resistor assembly in the switch itself, but I was measuring differing voltages from the battery pack with no load, so I’m thinking maybe the batt configuration changes between modes. I’ll have a proper look tomorrow.

Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:

The lenser FTT optic is a proprietary design / partnership with Lenser and Fraen. They worked on the designs a year before Lenser launched the product 3-4 years ago. I was lucky enough to get a sneak-peek at the prototype lights at the Fraen Strategies In Light convention booth a few years ago. Others have copied and cloned the design since then but… the point is that the lens was designed with the XRE in-mind. I would just upgrade it with a new XRE and resistor. Logically the larger die XML should flood out the beam more than the XRE, so you should to some degree lose the spot throw setting.

TIR optics are tricky, in that their geometry and optical transmission efficiency can be very specific for one LED type. I have seen some DIY mods that lost OTF lumens using an XRE-TIR with an XML.

+1 for XR-E.
AFAIK, original LedLensers have Q5 bin, but you can actually find a R2 one. So you can get it even brighter than original :stuck_out_tongue: