LED LENSER MT7 (8307T) for sale - First & Final PRICE REDUCTION

Hi, Everybody

This LED LENSER MT7 (8307T) is in new condition. Less than 15 minutes use and never carried beyond my back porch. Includes lanyard and belt clip accessories that came with the light. Four AAA Batteries not included.

Yours for $55 now $45 delivered. Moving to smaller lights.

First "I'll take it". PM me for PayPal info if you want it. CONUS shipment only.

Thanks for your interest.

Nice Looking light! Good price too! Hardly any 4AAA lights around, someone should grab this one up! Great light to mod.

Can't believe no one got this yet.

Hello, could you please consider shipping to Greece? How much would it cost? Thanks!

Thanks for the promo, Old-Lumens. You are correct.

Here is a link to this specific model at BatteryJunction which details the specs:


best regards,

dbare (seller)

Sorry, Harris. CONUS only. I prefer to keep it simple while avoiding a trip to the Post Office - USA residents will understand.

Thank you for your interest, however.


Thanks for letting me know so promptly, if by any chance you change your mind keep me informed! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the family, Harris!

Aloha and welcome to BLF Harris!

Thank you for the welcome! Hope I don’t get bashed too hard for liking expensive lights as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody cares about that here. We just prefer budget lights more so than the expensive ones. I'm pretty sure almost everyone here has 1, 2 or even more non-budget lights. I myself have a couple.