Led Lenser P17 Trade (or sell?)

I have a Led lenser P17 I bought about a year ago at Fry's. The only time I've used it is for about 5 minutes after purchase and maybe a beam shot or two. It does not have a single scratch and its function is flawless. It is brand new perfect in every way and I think I may even still have the original (worthless) instructions.

I'm putting this out there to find out perhaps, what I might be able to trade it for or even an outright sale. The truth is, I simply don't like this type of light and if somebody had a flashlight that interested me more, I would propose a trade.

I know it's not worth the $75 I paid last year but if I can score a light I like better, somebody will get a brand new P17 for less than brick-and-mortar retail. If not, we all will have something to laugh about I will still own a (very bright) bazooka.


I wouldn't mine having one, but it only puts out 200 lumens and it's big and bulky. I may trade some knives for it though.

200 Lumens is perfect for many who aren't flashaholics or don't care about flashlights.

The flashlight would sell well somewhere people aren't into flashlights.

Yeah, it went from Fry's shelf to mine. Ah well, it was good for a laugh. I've got 8 or 12 Mags standing next to this guy and in fact, I have a LL P14 too. It's about 3 years old with a couple of nicks. Maybe I'll do what Boaz said; put some of them on e-Bay.


Well tell me what you were wanting to get out of it cash price counting shipping. I like the light, but don't really need it when I can pick up lighter and brighter lights that I have to use. But it don't hurt to ask a price.

well you can laugh at it foy , but the P17 sells for $150 Au here in my local aussie disposal store and given the US dollar thats over doulbe what you paid for it new ...check it out here $ 190 AU http://www.langtoninfo.co.uk/showitem.aspx?isbn=0015286084170&loc=AUD

I dont know why they have such a poor rep with flashaholics ...I just recieved a Solarforce MPP1 head ..the P17 throws just as well although the beam is not as tight

sell it on ebay Au

good luck

I tell myfriend to move it all out the door asap because it can't compete with todays emitters .. like computers there may be a window of time to even be able to sell them and then bang .....no one will buy them at any price ..same with the mags .catch them while you can ..They aren't getting more popular imho ..

but i've been wrong before ....once

Well, I just listed it on e-Bay. I'm not fond of what I sound like when I'm selling. I actually said "dynamic side switch." I sure enjoy buying flashlights more than I like selling.


Why put a light on here for sale and not list a price? I ask you before a price you were wanting and then you put it on ebay. It's your light and you can change your mind, but I find it rather odd to do so w/o at least acknowledging my question for a price.

You're right, ILIKE; it is rather odd that I didn't see your post until now.

To make it up to you, if you PM me your address I will put this fine Led Lenser P17 in the mail tomorrow, on its way to you. Upon arrival, if you like it Paypal me $25 and we'll call it good. I wil also throw in this little guy at no additional cost . . .

It's a Coast, uses a single AAA battery to power some kind of Osram and it rivals the P17 in perfection, if not output. I got it free with the P17 so it would be a shame to break up the family.

So, there you have it - an $80 bazooka and an $8 pea shooter for $25 and Foy eats the shipping. (CONUS)


Foy, I thank you for your reply. And yes I will take the deal. But I would have paid you the $25 plus the shipping for just the P17. But thanks again for the offer.


Wow: Great deal Foy!

Now I guess I will have to get a P7 to go with it. LOL!

Yea I think I got a great deal. I have been wanting a Led Lenser P7, but just never got around to buying one. Now I have an excuse.

Thanks again Foy.

If somehow the deal doesn't go through, I'll be the next one in line :)

Wish that had been posted originally. What a nice deal!

I didn't post it originally because that was not my original intention. I simply changed my mind, deciding instead to give a member a good deal on a light that means nothing to me. I think from now on, I'm gonna stick to just buying flashlights.

I'm not hard-wired for this type of selling.


ya mean neither , still very cool of you.

the sliding seems weird torch to me but i am a maglite fan so ... interestingly enough i like the C cell mags better . still trying to find a 6C - sorta my holy grail

I have a brand new 2C (no "C" in the serial #, from the early '90s) I bought about a year ago. It arrived in an unopened Mag box - was kinda fun to get. I also have a 3C, two 2Ds, a 3D, two 6ds and a 2D extension. I love Mags and hope to mod some of mine one day.


Payment has been sent.

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