LED lenser P7 best price

Hi where can i get a ledlenser P7 for a decent price i've seen a lot on ebay are they likely to be genuine or fake

here's one for example




I had a Ledlenser P7 once. High quality light, but expensive. Very bright but not more

than you get from much cheaper lights. I bought mine on Ebay in an auction. Wich

you luck.

Thanks Nautic i know there not amazingly bright but they are a very nice light, and i just want one no other reason than that really..

Heres a link for the T7 (tactical version of the P7 ie the same but styled a bit more hardcore)


that was the best reliable source I came accross when my brother bought his, but that was a while back, and that ebay price does look good.

Thanks for the link bud,guess i've now found next months light purchase :-)


cheers mate added to watch list :-)

Sorry to resurrect an old thread.

I'm trying to stop buying similar torches and get different types/techs as the new ones. I have three flood-throw type already, many P60's, some pure throwers, some flooders, right angle ones, single AA, AAA and others. Now I see although I have a Hugsby P2 TIR optic flashlight and aspheric lens zooms, I don't have a zooming TIR optics flashlight like Led Lenser. I found many Led Lenser replica's in Pop Lite, FireX even in Led Lenser branding and box on EBay. My budget is at most $65 inc. shipping. EBay ones fit into this bill easily but Led Lensers from US and UK sites go far beyond this, with the high shipping too.

Are there any respectable (if I'd buy a fake, I'd buy a PopLite or Romisen) genuine Led Lenser suppliers shipping worldwide (some sell only to Europe or US), with low shipping ? And could anyone compare a genuine LL to a fake/HK brand copy?




Germany is where they are headquartered . i liked the comment about a garage and an atari computer

I'm not 100% sure but I thought lenser was in singapore .<< i think this was coastal portland .

i just have believe they are made in china ..i'd really be surprised if they weren't .

i suppose if i really wanted one and had to know it was real I'd be contacting the company personally and asking them who their authorized dealers were . i have heard they are nice but have also heard they are over rated and pricey for what you get ..too many other lights for me to play with before I find the need for one of these. On the other hand they always appear well made and have a pretty strong following .. i have never seen one . or for that matter even a fake in person. I think as they are an older company there might indeed be fakes out there..As well as older lights well -built to modify which is what i would be more interested in .> the fact that thye have always been expensive may make even that impossible .

My (fake??) Led Lenser T7 I ordered from HK arrived just a month after its shipment and I think you can guess how bad I were feeling by the weeks passing on the calendar and the >2000 positive rating seller suddenly dissapearing on EBay.

I opened the box it came in, everything as promised, all those Led Lenser leaflets, instructions, Led Lenser lanyard, a Led Lenser holster, and even Led Lenser batteries. If this is a fake I can't imagine how a real one is. Or, is it a fake after all? The anodization, the orings, lens and those inner Led Lenser writings, everything seemed just perfect. I though I caught something when I saw that Cree XR-E led in it, as I only thought they were using luxeon leds in Led Lensers. Checked the product page and no, this was right. Newer Led Lenser's have Cree in them.

Ok, I put my 4x AAA Soshine batteries in it and it worked without hesitation. A forward action, three state, mechanical switch gave confidence with a sure click of the contacts. Two brightness modes, without strobes produced a clean beam at both zoom ends. Throw was a bit better than my recent buy, Romisen RC-39. The brightness seemed on par as far as I could check in a well lit office.

Long story short, I don't know if these fakes are really fakes. It is something like half the price of the original, but this looked more original than many other Chinese flashlights. It may be worth a buy for its price. (Mine cost me $20 (an auction buy, $10 lower than these EBay Lensers retail)+$10 shipping).

Cheapest place I know.


I have a look at it,it looks great,maybe should try it,led lenser p7

Totally agree. Bought a T7 on Ebay, great quality in every detail. Believe its authentic Ledlenser.
Only the focusing distance is way from optimal for narrow beam with the TIR in this light.

Aloha and welcome to BLF WalterK!

Like some others here, I picked up a cheap P7 off eBay. $40 shipped from an Australian seller. I knew there was a good chance it would be fake, but I had also heard that some of the fakes are pretty much indistinguishable from the real thing, even in terms of performance. What I got, fake or not, was a top quality flashlight. And like others have said, I can’t imagine how a genuine LL could be any better. I haven’t had the opportunity to compare it to another P7 purchased from an authorized seller, but I was able to compare the overall quality to a genuine L7, and it was certainly on par.

I really don’t think that mine was fake. But even if it is, it’s better than fake, if you know what I mean. Also, let’s not forget the additional satisfaction that one derives from a quality product that was acquired at a great price.


I bought mine off ebay about 8 months ago for $28 shipped.

That is truly a bargain.

The P7 isn’t a bright light by any modern standards (for it’s size), but in the AAA category, it’s very decent. It’s a quality build, with a quality holster too. In fact it’s great in any situation where you don’t need to simulate the second coming. 600+ lumen lights, in neighbourhood life (which is where I reside most of the time) are for shining at things just so you can go “WOW”. Not that that isn’t fun. It is. Which probably makes me the most impractical sort of flashlight enthusiast there is. I don’t need such bright lights. For anything. But I still want them anyway!

But at least I’m not alone here. Am I? Guys?

Try 7dayshop.com, P7 @ £42.39 delivered.