led lenser p7

Hi anyone have one of these? if so what do you think of it?



Hi there, is this it, I imagine?


I had one of these lights. Exellent quality, lots of light, rather big, and not to forget very expensive.

Thats why I dont have it anymore. I found out that a cheap flood to throw light from KD gives the

same amount of light for a fraction of the price. So now I have several different lights: Romisens,

Ultrafires, Uniquefires etc for the amount I got from the sale of the Led Lenser.

But again now we are back at the debate: Do you want a light with a "name" or just a (more) good light s.

I have found a company over here that have it for sale for £32 which isn't too bad, I bought an MTE m-2 from the US which is a flood to throw light its supposed to be 170 lummens but its no where near and the simple focusing system with a plastic lens is not very good.

I'm not after a light for the name the only big name light i own is a Maglite and thats just because in my opinion you can't call yourself a flashlight collector with out one :-).

But i do want a light with good build quality decent runtime that wont burn my hands off after 30 mins and is pretty bright.

You wont be disappointed with the Led Lenser and for the price mensioned its a bargain.

Led Lenser is good German Quality, Lots of light, smooth action and no wobling of the head,

but again you can find lots of good alternatives for less money out there.

Try this one http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=9567 . Very cheap, and

if you exchange the 2 O-rings in the head you will have a exellent and extremely bright light (with 18650)

with a good runtime. Versatile, takes both AAA´s and 18650. KD says its a Q2. The one I got for the same price was a Q5.

This light outthrows my Ultrafires with R2 and R5 pills.

Flood is average!

Cheers mate for that price it'll be worth a stab.

Videoreview here (in german): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DckbMnQ1nzo

Beamshots here: http://fonarevka.lux-rc.com/

You've sold me there mate looks far batter then i would of imagined.

Thank you. Its a good light for small cash!

I have the Coast Frogman....and use it when we go to the beach. Like those beamshots.

Here come the clones....


Actually it's soldout and it looks like and older product, advertises a Luxeon LED. But still and impressive clone of the design.

Another one here, in stock:


You will find that the clones have minor differences between there real counter parts....hard to know the real one from the fake. Luxeons will provide a smoother beam then a Q5.

I'm surprised they still want quite alot for them even though they are fake !!