Led lenser x21 vs. Fenix TK70

Not sure if this a fake or not but, the TK70 looks a tad small. Looks more like a HD 2010 than a TK70. What do you guys think?


It’s a TK70.

yea it’s the camera angle kinda throws it off. Considering the fist size in comparison to that screen capture to that night comparison.

What’s the rational on your thinking?

LOL a hd2010….? its defenitely a tk70

I would really like to know how efficient the zooming is…

Pretty sure it's not efficient to spend 300$ on a light that has an output the same as a 14$ flood to throw light

my suggestion is buy the hd2010

overpaying for a light doesn't make you smart

Which light are you referring too?

Given that I’ve NEVER heard the TK70 referred to as a waste of money AND that it goes for quite a bit less than $300, I’m going to assume he’s referring to the x21.

HD2010 is in no way comparable to X21…

And please show a 14$ zoomie that have the close to the OTF lumens of a X21…
You must have read too many chinese lumen claims…

For a stock light, I would take a X21 over TK70 any day. So much more versatile.
Im not saying the X21 is great value if you are budget minded though.

X21R (more powerful light, yes, I know) is basically the benchmark for my modified lights. Usually I need two lights to compete against it. The amount of light it can throw a long distance is nothing but impressive. Especially considering that its using nimhs, does not overheat, and can have quite sick flood too.

Comparing X21R and a powerful single emitter zoomie with hard driven emitter on copper sinkpad would be like a bad joke if it were to be compared with a X21R. If any doubt, the led lenser would kill it!

For the record, I dont own the X21R. (I buddy If mine who I often visit have one) But I have yet to see a production NiMH flashlight that can compete with it…
Some lights might outthrow it with a pencil beam. Some might outflood it with more lumens, but the combo… I have yet to see that. And the Led Lenser is using easily available and safe nimh batteries!
Comparing a typical zoomie with the led lenser optics… :smiley:

My main reasons for not wanting a X21R are mostly due to it being too big and heavy, and CW tint. On top of that the price and that its not that mod friendly. For a mod host, it would be too expensive to justify.
I would like to see X21R with 7 de-domed XP-G2s though… That could be interesting.

If you are considering spending 300 bucks on a Led Lenser, you might instead try to find a modified XM-L Flood to Throw light instead.

A friend of mine helped me (translated to: he did it for me), take a UniqueFire T20 and turn it into a beast. http://www.lightinthebox.com/uniquefire-uf-t20-zooming-3-mode-cree-t6-led-flashlight-1200lm-1x18650_p388610.html
However, any decent-sized lens 1x18650 zoomie will work.

First the XM-L was replaced with an XM-L2. One could dedome if they wanted the extra throw, but I preferred more flood.
Secondly, the driver was replaced with a 3.1 Amp with customized modes.
A copper pill was used for heat management.

The result is a light that actually compares favorably with my TK70. It has more spill and floodiness than the TK70 (which isn’t surprising), and in throw mode it’s not all that bad either. Its a LOT LIGHTER!

For details, you can check my thread with pictures at:

There is no doubt that the X21R is a great light. However, 300 bucks for something that is basically 7 cheap XR-E throwers stuck together with a common zoom mechanism/battery holder, that’s kind of a ripoff. Sadly, nobody else seems to want to do a common-zoom-mechanism style light in the same vein. Its way easier just to crank out more zoomies.

Led Lenser optics are not comparable with cheap flood to zoom optics though…
Many people seem to forget that…

That’s true, they don’t waste anything near as much light as an aspheric, especially when focused to throw.

I agree that the Total Internal Reflection optics are better. However, we are looking at the End Result, not focusing on relatively minor details.

The fact is that a 50 dollar modded XM-L2 zoomie will provide about 70% of the performance of the Led Lenser at 16% of the price, and about 16% of the bulk.

From a cost-effectiveness point of view, I think the X21 is a ripoff. However I do agree that it is a fairly Unique light and therefore could possibly fit someones needs perfectly. If that is you, then great! Better to have 1 great flood to throw than a collection of mediocre ones.

I don’t want to make anyone feel bad about their purchase. However, being that this is Budget forums, I would be remiss in pointing out that there are some cost-effective options that will get you most of the way there.

Why is it Led Lenser take so much slack about pricing? Yes they are pricey, but so are a lot of other lights. I’m not saying its fine to charge what they do. But let’s face it there are people prepared to pay it. So they must be doing something right.

As for the XM-L aspheric comparisons. I would need a lot of convincing. I have several other zoomies and my compact POP lites (believe them to be rebranded Led Lensers or similar) easily out perform them. And by a huge margin.

The issue here isn’t price per se. It’s what you’re getting for the price. When it comes to charging alot for a light, it’s one thing to do so when you are getting a good value. For instance, if you are getting a light with features that justify the cost, you’re getting a good deal. And although opinions around here vary on this one, buying a high quality American made light like a Surefire can justify the cost, even if the light is not up to the level of many cheaper lights when it comes to performance. But with SO many of the Lenser lights, you are paying Surefire prices for Chinese lights that should sell for MUCH less. Not saying that Coast/Lenser lights are bad by any means. I have a few. And they’re generally pretty decent. They’re just not by and large worth the asking price (although there have been exceptions, like the HP550).

As for them doing ‘something right’, that ‘something’ is selling their lights in brick and mortar stores. Let’s face it. Most of the lights people around here get have to be ordered online. And despite what everyone says, online ordering is really no different from mail ordering. You have to wait days (and sometimes WEEKS) to get what you want. And many ‘mail order only’ items are simply ‘out of sight, out of mind’ to many people out there. In other words, if you don’t know what it is in the first place, you won’t think of buying it. Simply put, Coast/Lenser makes money because they put themselves out there in stores and are seen by many. This is the REAL secret to their success.

While I won’t defend the price of the X21 I will defend that it does offer something nothing else does - even in its own price range. It is completely unique in its ability and what it offers.

Then again, if you like Coast/Lenser and its focusing system, consider getting an HP550 rather than an X21. At 1000 lumens, it’s not quite as bright. But it’s not that big of a difference. Also, it’s a single XM-L vs a multi XR-E setup. But it costs MUCH less - $50 vs $300. The only REAL disadvantage is that it uses 9xAA batteries, which is a PITA to replace/charge. It will, however, work with NiMH (unlike what I have heard with the X21). Also, it’s not the throwiest light in the world. But whether this is a problem depends on your individual needs.

HP550 sounds great, not sure it’s possible to buy them in the UK though.

Chicken, feel free to check out my pictures of my XM-L2 zoomie vs my TK70 and judge for yourself. Link is in this thread.

That HP550 is a great find by the way. Ive not seen or heard of it. Sounds like a really ideal light (especially if you like minimalist modes…its 1000 lumens or 40.)
Great for a gift since it uses AAs instead of 18650s.

Hi Joe.

I’ve had a look at your thread. It looks impressive, but I’m still not entirely sure what your point is. You can mod any light and make it brighter than a stock one that cost more money. This doesn’t just affect Led Lensers.

I would say a TIR optic is however very different to an aspheric. You get a bigger hot spot, it’s round and it’s brighter.

For example, I have an XM-L zoomy too using a larger aspheric lens. Ok it’s not driven all that hard, but it’s still 500 lumens + my POP lite with it’s out dated XP-E and only 220 lumens out throws the XM-L and out floods it. Could I mod the XM-L? Sure, but that’s not really the point.