LED light bulb discussion

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What have you found is the best Standard A19 LED light bulbs?

I switched to LED around 8 years ago for all my home LEDs. My experience has been terrible. I’ve tried GE brands, they all die within 1 to 2 years with normal Usage… About 4 years ago I switched to the Walmart Great Value brand. They are great as far as light output and color goes, but they die within 1 to 2 years. Tomorrow I’m taking back 9 bulbs (eight 75w equiv and one 100w equiv) to exchange. They take them back without receipt for exchange… So far this is my most cost effective solution. They have 3 year warranties so, but they don’t give you hassle since they are in house brand.

Anyone have good luck with a better built brand lasting more than 2 years?

Feel like going to Dubai and picking up some?

The Big Clive went into this…

How is the quality of the power grid in your area—do you have frequent outages or brown-outs, get many lightning storms, underground or overhead main lines, etc?

i’ve had a few failures that seem to be from overheating, which can cause an annoying flicker or just burn out an emitter. Most of the time only 1 emitter has failed, but recently i had all 8 on the board to go.

There is little to no EMI filtering or surge suppression on the circuit board, and no good path to get the heat out.

There are at least 4 different LED bulb threads atm…

but few of the posters actually measures anything and lots of the posters dont care about CRI, nor do they care about flicker.

for those that care about CRI and Flicker, I suggest buying an Opple Light Master, they are on sale atm. Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com

I live in an area with a healthy power grid, no outages or brown outs really. Incandescent lasted around the same Length of time,the I switched to “rough use” that had thicker filaments and could withstand higher voltage (rated for 130v I stead of 120)and they lasted a bit longer. Thinking of getting a whole home surge protector/arrestor. You think that would help?

It could help. You might do some monitoring to see if the lines are noisy and spiky, running high, etc to know whether or not surge suppress or filtering might be needed.

The main problem is just cheap manufacturing, weak design and inadequate heat sinking. But if they were better design then maybe less power would be wasted and less need for heat sink. They just run so hot that they shorten the life.