LED recommendation

Can you please recommend me what LED to use,
I am currently using XM-l2s in my builds but know that many people don't really like them.
I have never used any other type of LEDs so have nothing to compare to.

I have only 2 constraints:
1. It need to run of 8*7135 PWM driver.
2. It need to be compatible to a tight spot (+/- 10 deg) and a flood (+/- 90 deg) lenses, the type that comes with a holder that can be glued to the MPCB, for example:



My approach is always “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Yes, there are brighter emitters that throw better, are more efficient, and have higher CRI, but depending on your usage, those things may not make as much of a difference with real world use. Personally I really like the Nichia 219c emitter and use it in lots of lights. If you let us know what you typically build your lights for and features you want, we can give you better recommendations.

No real need to change

You can buy SST-40 that will maintain max current longer as their voltage is lower,
but XML2 come in way more colors tints and CRI

+1 for Lexel. Sst40 is better, you cab drive the led harder, but unless you’re going for max output from the light, XML-2 is finge. SSt40 is stuck at 70 cri and 5000k to 6500k. XML come in high cri and lots of colors.

Thanks everyone, I will stick to the xml2.