LED replacement for Halogen

I'm struggling with the search here a bit, and am hoping someone has done this already and can help out.

I’m looking to replace a bunch of 100w halogen bulbs in some bathroom fixtures with LED, and don’t know which of the multitudes I’ve found using google might be any good. Some need to be dimmable if possible, preferably warm or neutral white and high CRI would be nice too.

Any hints, tips or suggestions?


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Hey mate you have to click on the picture emblem in the task bar when posting pictures for it work proper.
As for your light i have never seen an LED version of this style halogen. I have replaced most lights in my house with LEDs except the bathroom because i am worried about the moisture.
I have a work lamp that uses this style halogen and i am replacing it with a Cree cob LED running from a driver.



Honestly ? Replace the whole fixtures - you are wasting probably good 40-60% of the light inside the fixtures and then some more on the diffusers.
Look for a native LED lights with CRI90 + ip67 power supply if needed.

If you need more help, give us the picture of the whole bathroom - somebody will find you something suitable :+1:

Heh, never once thought of just getting a new fixture, but that makes much more sense alright. Plus this way we could probably brighten it up a bit more also, and not have to make any compromises due to bulb sizes.


I have a small halogen night stand light that takes a G9 halogen bulb. I found a good seller on eBay offering a G9 LED 3W replacement bulb. It was $1.20 shipped, so I bought one standard and one frosted. They work great. They’re a little less bright than before, but not enough to really matter. The only downside is that there is a little PWM. It’s not horrible… and you really don’t notice it unless you move your eyes rapidly from side to side. It’s nice being able to keep a good quality light going and cut back heavily on the power drain.

But as for the large festoon style halogen bulbs used in torchiere lights… I’ve been unable to find good quality replacements for a good price. Most of what I’ve found that isn’t expensive appears to be cheaply made. I’m hoping better ones will come along eventually. I have just one torchiere left and it’s a high end designer torchiere that I’d hate to give away or toss out.

Has anyone here come across a viable G4 (T-series) LED replacement for halogen? I bought a couple of G9 bulbs that turned out OK in terms of brightness and tint, but… there’s some PWM going on. I’m waiting on a COB G4… and at this point, not feeling too hopeful regarding PWM.