LED test / review – Luminus SST-12-WxS Specialty White (≈ 5000 K, typ. 65 CRI)

Thanks for the testing, could be good for some cheap high CRI triples and quads.

Thank you for the measurement.
So we have also a (at least much less) green SST-12. The color rendition is okay.

And since flashlights are also operated at lower modes it is not really helpful that duv is getting good at higher currents.

Btw, I have a 719A on my rig now and this light is much more pleasant than everything I saw from Luminus to date (which is a shame since Luminus produces LEDs which are really good from the technical standpoint since they still use the classic LED chip design without side radiation which gives a really good light pattern with optics, but not from light color)

Since the price for these emitters is fairly low, this could be true (maybe with minus green)

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The advantage of tipple/quad is that CCT can be mixed to bring down the duv, this works relatively well with SST-20 2700+4000K.

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But only if CCTs are mixed. If mainly 2700 or 4000 K should be used, this advantage is not as relevant.

Just would need the diameter of the phosphor to calculate the area.
I’m hoping that better binned SST12 are available.

Clemence might have some 219CT-V2, they were out of stock when I bought optisolis but that was a few months ago. I’d be happy to donate some to get them tested.

1.38 mm² without dome

Maybe I will ask him.

Since I (and other users) wait since seven months (!) for delivery of LEDs of a group buy in the german flashlight forum I am not sure if I want to wait so long.

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Well now shipping from Indonesia is like 10€ so group shippings aren’t needed anymore, not that it’s very quick since he still take quite a bit of time to ship stuff.

It’s not the right thread here, but I (and the user who organize this group buy) have no information at all since beginning of the year. Since I need something to plan the orders of LEDs is no information not the best thing. At least a short info like “order from Nichia shipped three weeks ago” or “I packed the orders together and check them next week” would be nice…

I think I will check for other sources of the 219CT-V2 (if there is any)

Oh I misread and thought you were talking in the past, so it’s a current order that is still not shipped, yeah that’s annoying.

For me,of 3V 3535, there’s only 519A and a TBD throwier option I’ve yet to find (I appreciate 219b but I never fell in love with them like others). Everything else is obsolete. It’s sounding like these are not the throwy alternative I’ve been looking for.

Did duv improve with slicing/dedoming?

Have you tried the Cree XP-P? It’s a 1mm² LES emitter with a bit less intensity than a W1, I’ve read some bins are nice.

For the SST-12 look into the color measurement. Dedoming makes only things worse, the Luminus green intensifies…

I don’t think that I want to test the slicing, since I am done with the SST-12…

I tested it already. The biggest problem is the performance and the big tint shift with increasing forward current.

I think, I have to create some dedicated thread since it seems to be difficult to find my tests in this new forum… this is what I already mentioned before.

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Have you tried the 3000k XPP? I know it’s a lot of work to do these tests so I don’t expect you to test everything, but I think you might like this one.

I can’t test duv but I have green-hating eyes and the XPP 3000k 90cri is quite nice. I agree there is tint shift when you get near max output but in practice I only experience that when I’m using short bursts of turbo. The big limiter for this LED is the low max current. Triples and quads give plenty adequate output with a “punchy” beam profile, but the max current is too low for this to be a single-emitter thrower.

No. I had to order this type first, at least they are available at Mouser.

Since I have no plans to use the XP-P in a flashlight I have also not planned to test a warm white variant.

What was the èxact order code of the XP-P you ordered?

I had tried the 6500k and 5000k before the warmer CCTs were released (I think those were the ones). IIRC, the 5000k was worse. It had tint shift throughout the beam (Cree rainbow).

These 3000k are much nicer. Some people have said the 70 and 80 cri have even better duv but I find these 90 cri to be great. I do have some 80 cri and a 4000k to try but haven’t gotten around to it.


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Ok, E7 is a wide color group where the possibility to get a Yellow-ish tint is absoluty given. But the color group is more below BBL, so it is likely to get an emitter with a good duv (on BBL or negative).

But it is still gambling after all. For getting a good tint I always prefer Z5, Z6, Z7 or Z8 as color group, at least for Cree LEDs. These are almost perfect on or below BBL. Unfortunately there is no Z-group binned XP-P in stock at Mouser.

(But this is not the right thread for XP-P I think :wink: )

I discovered a potential flaw with the SST-12 test here.

The maximum current of its domeless brother - SFT-12 - is much higher (around 5 Amps) as with the SST-12 I tested here. Since I tested two SST-12 samples from same batch and both had the same maximum current there was possibly some sort of quality issue or defective LEDs. The LED chips and overall design of SST- and SFT-12 is the same, only the SFT-12 is domeless.

Maybe I will test the SST-12 again in the nearer future, but I am not sure.

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Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to the SFT12 test. Hopefully the tint is better!

Nope, duv +0,007 @ 350 mA

But what do you expect, it’s Luminus/Sanan.

Low expectations are met with WxS low cri versions… I wonder how the SST-12-WxH tint would fare against SST-20 WxH?

Mouser has them in stock, I might get a few.

I was confused because
Luminus has new listing for Gen 2 of SST20 and SST12

SST-12 WxH Gen 2
SST-20-WH Gen 2

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