LED Tint Comparison

These set of photos are certainly not the best (especially the H502c), but I hope to illustrate the difference in tint temperatures starting from 3000k all the way up to 6500k.

The lights used were as follows (included type of LED, bin, colour temperature along with CRI where applicable in that order):

• L2T with Linger Special drop-in, XP-G Q2 3000k 7A3, ≥ 90 CRI
• Modded Thrunite Catapult v1, XM-L T4 4000-4200k 5A
• DRY 3XCREE, XM-L T4 4000k 5A
• Zebralight H51c, LUXEON 4000k, ≥ 85 CRI
• Zebralight H502c, LUXEON 4000k, ≥ 85 CRI
• Zebralight SC51w, XP-G 4200k
• DQG AA, XP-G R4 4200k 4C
• MG P-Rocket, SST-50 4500K
• EagleTac M3C4, XM-L cool white
• UltraFire C2, MC-E cool white
• EagleTac T10L, XR-E cool white

The pics can be found here (downsized, but you have the option to view the full version):

Note that, the pictures are in the same order as per the above list.