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LEDNut 900 Lumens - Cree XML T6 LED Tactical Flashlight with Adjustable Focus and Rechargeable 26650 Battery for Camping Hiking, etc. Outdoor Activities (Reg. $16.99)

Price after discount: $12.99
Code: 56CA3AXD
Link: Amazon.com

Package Included
1×LEDNut Cree XM-L T6 LED flashlight with lanyard
1× AC charger
1 x Premium 3.7v 3500mAh 26650 rechargeable battery
1 x White tube for housing an 18650 battery
1 x 3 AAA battery sleeve
1 x e-manual instruction (Will send to your inbox after your purchasing)

Seller Warranty:

- 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • 12 Month Replacement Warranty

Hi, a bit off topic but what’s the story behind your brand name?

Nothing special story, just a circle of friends who like LED gadgets and work together to open a store. The products we sold are concerned of LEDs so we use LED as part name of our brand and we both like LED products so the brand name is LEDNuts, means a group of people who are struck on the LED. Simple and easy to remember, the brand name. :partying_face:

Not totally off topic, we do share a deal and will update other newly products here then. Thank you for your support :wink:

where can we get these in europe?

Any pics of the pill?

Great Amazon reviews, but:

And that body style looks a bit… familiar

Yep, that’s the famous $4 X700 flashlight.
Click “Images” on the search results page.

Also search here, e.g. Shocking Images Exposed The G700 Flashlight - #68 by hank - LED Flashlights – General Info - BudgetLightForum.com

Your group of friends might want to do a little more research.
Make sure one of them isn’t actually employed by a sales department for these and recommending them to your group of friends.

People can fool you about whether they’re for real, unfortunately.

If you want to see a really egregiously misleading review of it, by a fake review site, check out this page:

The folks here at BLF have a lot of information worth tapping.

Also, reverse image search is a good way to find out where else something is being promoted under what names.

What can you tell us about the charger you’re bundling with it? Is there a manufacturer’s name? Has HJK reviewed it for safety?

May I know where are you live? We are planning to open the store in EU, but now it’s just available in US, thank you for your support!

Yea, we did invited some users to test and review it at a deep discount or free. But we use a third-platform review tool to do it and can not contact the users directly so no worries they are honest reviews. If you do not believe the seller you should trust yourself, if you received a defective product you will not give a good rating even if it’s free I think. We are not only the seller but also the buyer as we buy the products online as well.

If you take it a try, you will not feel confusion and also this will not let you down.

Honestly, we are looking for a platform to do the discount promotion instead of the reviews while it’s underway and need some supports.

Thank you!

The link above just loops back to this page for some reason, for me.

Look for it at: X700+flashlight - Google Search

and the videos and reviews posted here:

Okay, you might get some right point here about the charger but mention the price it let me get shocked.

Firstly I never see a 700 lumen flashlight just need $4 except to in exchange of reviews. If you have I could purchase it from you. And how could you trust the quantity of the

flashlight that just spend $4?

Secondly you might know the copy. Not all look similar products are the same. I mean, the quality. You might hear this “Never judge a person by how they look” and it also

works on the products, don’t because of the similar looks and you are afraid to take a try or even judge it to death. I don’t know how will other users think when they purchase

products online but me, I will think if it worth. I mean even if I cost money and it does not satisfied me but if I could accept. We can not predict the future at least me so I will

take a try. Sorry, talked too much about my personal opinions. Anyway, we offer our best service and products in good quality and reasonable price.

Thank you for your comment.

Can you tell the difference between a Cree and a LatticeBright?
“T6” doesn’t necessarily mean what it claims. If you believe you have a higher quality product, say why.
Show a picture of the emitter here if you’re not sure which it is.
You can find one here, page down a ways: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/UltraFire-E17-CREE-XM-L-T6-cree-led-Torch-Zoomable-cree-LED-Flashlight-Torch-light-For/330416_1907343824.html

Meanwhile, here’s that video review: Ultimate Lumitact G700 LED Tactical Flashlight and Scam Review (Comments on Shadowhawk X800) - YouTube

Lol… :person_facepalming: