LEDs, are these any good?


For the modding of our SRK we need some LEDs.
So I just find these:

For 2.70 a piece this looks good right? Well, the question is, do you think I can order it 2 times (thus 20 pieces) and get a bunch of leds to mod with?

You might want XP-G2's for your SRK. If they are de-domed you will actually mix in some throw with the flood of light. That is not a bad price for those.

the seller has a good rating for the previous sales; but I would feel more comfortable if you knew these are “real” Cree LEDs.

I don’t know what tint you want to buy but it might be cheaper on FastTech depending of the bin/tint

Well I like the neutral white.

how to tell if these are real?

Until you get them in your hands, impossible to say.
The only way to be sure is buying them from a reliable source.
I don’t know much selleres but FT has always provided me genuine CREE LEDs with correct bins/tint it seems.
INTL outdoor too, but I don’t know if they sell bare emitters

This is the fake Cree LED thread:

Or, buy some of those XP-E2 from Mitko for super cheap.

LEDDNA has XM-L2 U3 1A LEDs for $2.85 and they are real Cree.

This is pre order, to be shipped in October, a iittle too long of a wait :slight_smile:

I like the NW XM L2 from my Convoy C8 o it seems like a good choice for others lights as well

That was October 2015. They ship immediately now. Sorry I didn’t notice you wanted NW.

Well beause of the dispute system I choose AliExpres.
I messaged the seller asking if they were real, as expected he said yes.
I told him I would order 1 set, check them and if they are not genuine I would start a dispute for refund, and he was totally OK with that.
When it is in I will report back here. (so in about a month or so :laughing: