LED's for cinematic lighting tool

I am building a new light for the motion picture industry called the FlapJack 7280. However, I am hitting snags in my design due to my inability to figure out who to ask or where to go and I am at my wits end. ( I have spent 12 hours one night doing research, and 9 another…). I have been to Ali Baba.com, and that is no help however one company did create for us a nice sized battery, but still too big and bulky for my application coming in at 3 1/8x1x1 1/2 inches.

What I need is the SMALLEST, THINNEST, HIGHEST CAPACITY battery(ies) (if I must go in series…) to provide me with 12 volts with AT LEAST 4000mAh constant output and rechargeable…

I have seen these flexible, ultra thin bateries but the capacity just isn’t there…

Ideally this battery can be bought in the Los Angeles area or easily shipped over night…


Maybe buy a rc battery?

too big

What are your hard size restraints? Is there any dimension (length, width, height) where you have room for it to be bigger?

All I can really suggest is to have a little browse through somewhere like this Hobbyking 1S lipo selection

The variations in size and format of these single cells should pretty much allow you to configure a battery pack to fit any scenario. These are however geared towards higher power applications (minimum in rc tends to be 20c, and packs tend to get thicker with no increase in capacity when they are designed to handle higher current draws) so you could probably find more compact options in low current packs. No idea.


What do you mean with 4000mAh constant output? 4A current or 4Ah capacity?

of course you will need electronic for balancing, charging and underdischarge protection….

Have you checked 18650? This are common, high capacity and save .
round cells which are 65mm long and 18mm thick. You would need 3-4 depending on needed voltage and electronics used.

I’m not sure what exactly you need. How bout running pairs of 14500s in series. 6 would leave you with around 4500 mah at around 11v. I guess more info might help.

I’ll save you the trouble and tell you that if those are your requirements then you should understand that you’ll never find what you need. The pack you explained sounds like 3S 26650’s. That’ll be the smallest pack to meet your minimum requirements of 12v and 4Ah. 18650s are king for energy density, but you’ll need six to do what your asking… (even bigger pack)

Oh, and not to sound like an a$$, but 21 hours spent on product development is not anything crazy… in fact, that sounds like your just getting started. Patience and understanding of current technology (mostly its limitations) will really help.