Legit NCR18650B?

Came across this on ebay. I could get them pretty quickly at an okay price. Feedback is pretty decent. With all the warnings about counterfeits, how does one know if they are genuine Panasonics or knock-offs?

I know that there are cheaper places to get them, but I could have these by early next week and I need some for a gift for my bro-in-law.


No link.


I copied the link. I guess pasting helps, too!

That seller sells genuine stuff, I have bought from him before. Fast shipping. The quality of the protection circuit is unknown but I haven't heard of many complaints.

Thanks, RMM!

I bought some unprotected 3400 pannies from him that turned out to be returned stock. And he sent them fully charged because, according to him, he wanted to test out a charger.

I have ordered a total of 16 batteries from him with no issues. And this is enough to make my trust waver a bit.

How could you tell they were returned stock? Anything I should be looking for?

I’m thinking because they came fully charged, so he questioned the dealer about it. The dealer should not have sent them out after this, cause then they would be considered used to me.

Brand new li-ions don’t come fully charged from the manufacturer. More like 40%. Its better for storage, while li-ions are waiting to be put into use.
How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries

That’s exactly what happened. According to my DMM they came at 4.23 which meant that they were overcharged. I asked him about it and he said he tested a charger after getting then back as a return. He didn’t think there was anything wrong in a) selling returns as new stock, b) using them as test subjects, and 3) shipping them fully charged.

As they say…caveat emptor

Unless one tested them it would be easy to miss. Besides all the above, how does he know that what he shipped was what was returned, and that they weren’t abused by the original buyers. The answer is of course that he doesn’t.