Lego my Solarforce: A mix 'n match primer or, what not to do.

Gladiator de Masterpiece Pro 2

Gladiator ala Masterpiece Pro 1

Gladiator + L2P = meh

A001 + Gladiator = moremeh



L2i wants its MPP (2)

L2M thower

L2M: me flood you long time - you see.

Gladiator destupid.

P1 anyone?

L2r me longlong time.

504B leftovers

$90 6P + $44 MPP1 = $134 dedumb

The gladiator MPP1 combo looks pretty good! Same with the L2i. The L2r (mislabeled L2i) combo reminds me of my first girlfiend....skinny body and a huge head! Wasn't a good combo in jr high, and not a good combo now :)





Gladiator with a straight head and an XM-L drop-in would be good for a night stick.

The devils proctologist penlight~!

Good catch Match.


That made me smile. :bigsmile:

I like the l2i /MPP2 Combo myself. If I’m not mistaken you bought the mmp2 as a combo with the l2i, same combo I bought. I have tried all different combos and keep coming back to the original.

You need a single 18650 extension…

You're right Lang, I bought The MPP2 combo . . . if memory serves, you gifted a few L2i's back when they were $8 throwaways. I saw that you did that, thought it was a great idea and ended up giving away I don't know how many black L2i's with a cheap Q5 I found at Manafont. Everybody that got one thought I had given them an expensive flashlight. I loaded them all with cheap AAA alkies.

PCC - You're right but, a MPP1 can take up to 16 volts. I have several 18650 extensions and my current setup with the MPP1 is 3 x 18650, although I hardly ever turn it on anymore.

Uhh . . . yeah, I'm monologuing again, aren't I . . . wonder what causes that?


Love your work foy, but those are some truly hideous creations!

I’m just looking forward to my first solarfoce hosts on order, 2xL2T’s and 1 L2M with manafont and Int-l outdoor drop-ins. more to come I’m sure, then I can make my own creations he he J)

This thread got me to dig out my old MPP1. I was out all night running around in the woods with it. I forgot how fun a light like this I’m much more a flood guy but in the right setting a light like that is pretty nice. Your right Foy, the l2i was a great gift light, I also loaded them with alkies and people loved them. I did however give away one too many. I lost mine two weeks ago and now I don’t have one. My l2i was used and abused every day, I lost it when I was harvesting seeds in a prairie. I looked all over but no luck. If I don’t find it this winter I should find it in the spring when I burn the prairie. Now won’t that be a story.

Gladiator body with L2X head?? :wink:

Hey Foy how long would the Gladiator de Masterpiece Pro 2 combo be it looks awesome :p