Lep's are usefull to wake peoples up .

So my upstairs neighbour as a shitty toilet that gets stuck open . Not wanting to ring their door, i tried the broom, closing my door hard and banging casserole but to no avail, nobody was moving ( i must add i’m not disturbing anybody else ) . Then i had the idea to illuminate their room window with my lep. It took 3 second and i saw some light ; then 10 more second and the windows opens and i fix my problem . I have found that it’s usefull to scare racoons too ; my two cats can appreciate less competition .

I don’t get it, what do you sit across the street shining the light in his window? You cant do it from your apartment.

also a bit confused, how come it is possible to hear a toilet from a neighbor? Are the walls made of paper?
I lived in many apartments and I couldn’t hear anything from anyone.
Now that I am in a house, I’ll never go back to an apartment.

The running toilet of your neighbour is bothering you.
But you don’t wan’t to ring his doorbell to warn him.
Instead you use a broomstick and slam with your doors.
But the neighbour does not notice that and the rest in your block is not botheredby it?
So you go outside to shine with a LEP in his windows?

I have a pair of transmission line speakers, and an amp with a subsonic filter.
You can’t see, smell or hear it. Just don’t try to live where the beams cross.
Four floors deep, if I have to.

I thought appartment buildings have utility shafts? So his toilet “sits” on top of yours.
Can’t you just close the door of your toilet? So you don’t have to listen to it anymore.
Or don’t you have individual water meters, and you have to pay for (part) of his spill?

Well, that’s a lack of civility and downright childish.

I’ve had the upstairs toilette running. Knocked and had a talk with the neighbor. Looked over the toilette and came back with a $2 flap.
Problem fixed and everyone’s happy.

If someone dared make a racket to get my attention but lacked the diplomatic skills to work things out, I’d be more than furious and most probably escalate to physical violence.

You’re treading very thin ice.

I can appreciate not walking up and knocking on someones door everytime they use their toilet:-) Must be an older place. Go with what works I say, but buying them a new flap sounds wonderful, I want you for a neighbor!.

It’s an old house and upstairs water pipes run near my bed . I had already notify them and was testing a solution . I guess they are using earplugs . No animosity in this case, he was sorry .

Just as well you didn’t hit him square in the eyes when he opened the curtains by accident, he might have lost his sight! :person_facepalming:

This was on my mind, and not targeting the cat too .

You can hear the whooshing in the pipes, which carries a good looooooooong length.

Months ago, I initially drained the outside hose for the winter, but had to use it (once) and forgot to drain it again, or even turn off the water, and when we had subzero weather for days in a row, it froze and evidently popped. Once it thawed out and the ice-plug melted, guess what?

I was upstairs on the 2nd floor, and heard the whooshing start. Odd, as no one else was in the house. Ain’t stopping, so I go tracing the sound. Then it dawned on me, damn, outside hose. Sure enough, there’s a small fountain squirting in the air where the hose popped. Turn off the water, whooshing stops.

Then again, I got hearing like a bat.

Yeah, better to go there, ring the bell, and just act “concerned”.

“Gee, I can hear the water running nonstop in your place… I don’t want you to get an obscenely-high water bill!”

or “…I was hoping your place wasn’t being flooded!”


Probably all it takes…