lets tell the "3 worded" story (for a good laugh)

Let's try to make a story without anyone knowing exactly what the outcome is.

Please reply to the previous post, with only 3 words that will continue the sentence, and stay in context (kind of).

if you have any better title (more correct English that is) feel free to tell me, or send me a PM

At anytime you can add a PERIOD,or COMMA,

NEW RULE: Anyone can put the story together in a post (for example if a new chapter is opened) so its easier to see where we were. Its a bit impractical to look back everytime to this opening post.

The current story goes as follows: updated: February 18

Chapter I

"One night I was fast asleep until the dog bit a skunk.
It was then that my wife opened the draw and what a bright light emerged.
To my surprise it`s over 9000 lumens, and lit the house on the hill side,the one with a grumpy old moose and quirrel deleted his posts just for fun.
Will it blend or will it fade away quickly?

Then I got a bright idea to build a very, very small milion lumens flashbulb!
Which would light ignite the passion of that girl who I told a dirty secret as the mud filled her ears and her fears turned to tears.
She slapped the offending culprit with a butter knife.
She held the light to his head and turned firefly mode on.
As a mosquito everyone hates mosquitos.
After he caved in, the mosquito.
So then I gave up writing and started moding because the rockers partying next door were deep asleep.
Dreaming of sugarplums laced with LSD ultraloop batteries.
And TITS! glorious tits!
Interlaced , interfaced , bouillabaisse.
The duck was almost too late for the barbeque.

Meanwhile, up in the Faraway tree Dale was shinin` his big old (well little) photon.
And laughing manically pointed it at the white house where the President was sittin` on what`s her name? i see Alaska in this beautiful telescope that was somehow DHS bugged.
His left shoe which is oversized gave him a very large blue balls to play bruise which later gave off a scent like almonds and Skunk.
Glowing in the dark like a rainbow. With no warning the bacon exploded as bacon does spraying skunk everywhere, he couldn`t help so in the heat of the night,
the baconskunkballs froze. But meahwhile, back at the batcave, young Robin shines his brilliant two bowling balls at batman, who takes a nap while dreaming a "batty" girl who lives in hollowed out statue of a large porcelain chicken laying an egg.

This is weird Batty girl said. my chickenhouse needs new feathers and some tar.
Suddenly the Joker ChibiM snapped his fingers so loud "batty" girl`s baby fell from the cloaca to the arms of her Loving King Leonidas.

Meanwhile, the postman always rang twice and insisted on crushing white boxes just for fun!
Then skipping away he smiled contentedly.

Chapter II

The flashlightco Uranusfire large finger hurts after anodizing it to make it the color of the rocky bluffs at volcano park.
By the time President Obama got word of the impending alien invasion/coyote eating everything he was somewhere in a dark cave hiding from the boogie man who was wearing bear skin bacon covered kilt.

Onetime in band I felt a clarinet player up my left nostril "Back" I screamed or I will have to take a picture of myself with a pink rubber ducky! So she stopped blowing the clarinet and played drums. At which point it was discovered that a secret door existed, lost to all memory and locked shut.
Suddenly her bacon started smoking and as bacon does smelt real good.

Meanwhile, in the dark dreary forest my underpants began to wet again. Then I searched for my TK75, but I realized I had women nagging at me.

Luckily my BLF, big larrikin father, said, his anaconda don`t want none unless you got buns hun.
BudgetAndroidforum, an interesting site, they have bacon and paisley tapestries and lattes too.
The admin there likes to eat small boys for snacks and then drinks a large Diet Coke. That tastes like chicken, bathing in sunlight
but is actually a baited trap.

Which caught their bacon filled eyes.
Six degrees of wobble in the middle of the aftermath.
But thereafter the monkeys began to dance wildly under the moonlight.

Suddenly, Donkey Kong began to throw bacon butterball burgers bewitched beforehand by Samantha Stephens herself!

Began to drip large mournful tears into frosty beers, the nectar made her happy again, and so she swallowed an ultrafire battery,
which soon passed on through her she highway.

She`s lucky that it wasn`t charged. After charging it, she threw it into the microwave with aluminum foil, a nuclear bomb fell quite silent.
She told herself it wasn`t addiction. She should stop breathing whenever she wanted. Her lungs screamed in silence as the phlegm bile and blood multiplied exponentially. Furthermore no help was needed as it was just bacon and egg rolls and more bacon.

Eating raw bacon will make you grow up big and very fat which is not the same as what peruvian tribes consider as fat.
Drinking cough syrup without codeine will be no fun.

The princess woke with a smile that hid the evil within her and brought forth legions of fearsome wrath and anger on her minions.
Which she`d filleted with thermal epoxy and tactical bacon..,apple smoked bacon.

The nitecorn sauce was liberally applied, charged to 5.23 it began to then boiled in agave sirup. She is the baconator.
Bacon bacon bacon, such lovely bacon. Bacon in the mornin` Bacon for breakfast Porky Pig dislikes the spooky baconator
because she always backing the bacon.

Back at Budgetlightforum, where we all awaited the next double bacony cheeseburger.
What happened then, explains everything that is happening now as always, naturally.
Without warning a giant squid appeared and was quickly scolded by a giant Wendy`s Baconator!

But one day in the woods Little red riding hood loved bacon but rarely ever because she was a BLF groupie.
Behind the shack. How to do that thing she once could do when she could make him feel woo-woo-woo!!!

But alas, she sensed a change in the wind that he released the kite to warm the cockles of his cockatie!

Which always seemed strange because the cage door was rarely ever left ajar. But still there was bacon.And bacon is human`s finest creation.

As nightfall approached,for the good grim reaper always takes his things and throws them under the bus.

With a note that read: Mark Chapter 3:23 is essentially analogous therefore it qualifies for what he originally had intended in the beginning. Just for fun the reaper took tall ripe wheat out of his overly thick moustache it begins to manifest in overly musty wheat bread covered in bacon!

Yum! he said, this needs some kind of cheese and BBQ sauce. So he went to the bar and ordered a large blue slurpee white pineapple chunks. Ham and cheese sandwiches with a side of bacon.

And his heart full of joy , but plugged up by bacon fat was bursting with the full moon which was UVB

I`m thinking about starting a new story from the 100th post!?!?

what do ya think? or should we just continue?

You could probably answer that question in your post in a different color, so it won`t be a part of the story ;)

One night I

Was fast asleep

Until the dog

Bit a skunk!

It was then

That my wife

opened the draw

And what a

bright light emerged! 8)

To my surprise,

Its over 9000!

lumens, and lit

the house on

the hill side

the one with

a grumpy old

moose and squirrel

deleted his posts

just for fun.