Let's try to strart a new BLF project light in AA format

Yes! You are right about the ARC AA, I now remember.

About the EZ AA: I’m glad to see some people remember them. You know what ? I also still use mine, it’s the rarer W version with a warm P4 in it. I also still have and use an EZ CR2.

I also think there is a market for C01 and C01S in AA version…

With a side switch for 3$ ! Does not fit my needs but I would definitely buy some for modding fun! Thanks for the suggestion.

Yeh, and I wouldn’t try ’em with Li-ion 14500s, but they work fine with LFPs.

Is any of the current twisties reliably debounced?

Not as far as I know. Some very old model might had some problem but I’m not aware of problems on currently available twisties.

That one was EZ-AAw but now reflowed with LH351 4K Hi-CRI for the 2x lumens bump.

The most recent models I have are Jetbeam MK-II (had 2 of them) and Sofirn C01S (around 10 of them). Both models can’t be reliably switched to moon mode. Every now and then they jump to a higher level.

Oh ! NICE!!! Is the reflector ok with its big P4 opening ? The LH351 is quite smaller.

Oh yes, thread play. I’ve had a couple of lights like that. If it drives you nut, you can correct the situation with a bit of teflon tape on the threads. Just leave a bit of bare threads to make contact. Moon mode on a C01S ? Do you mean the first low level ? I’ve never seen or heard about a moon mode equipped C01S…

thread play is increased as the O ring wears, I agree teflon tape works, if a new O ring is not available

another thing that makes twisties skip modes unreliably, is excess lubricant that bridges the body tube to the driver… wiping out the excess lube will make a twisty that skips modes, more reliable.

for me, one of the problems w twisties, is that they turn on in pocket, due to lateral pressure, unless I unscrew extra… (this is also caused by thread play)

I no longer carry twisties, for all those reasons… Imo a mechanical tailswitch is the most reliable, and most muggle friendly option. It takes more explaining to teach twisty use, than clicky use.


Might be thread play in the first place, but I think the mechanics can’t warrant a steady contact. It _will _happen. Even click frog systems are usually debounced in software. Some HP calcs allow adjusting a timeout IIRC.

Don’t know if it is too hard to implement something like this. Some lights have a running timer despite being unpowered by the battery.

Edit: Yes, sure, the C01S has a low mode only. Bit different with the C01R.

It is around 20 bucks,

there is just no way you can produce anything cheaper and not lose money on it. especially with specks you want. it is just not realistic in todays economy.

Yeah. What are people expecting? 20$US is perfectly fine, especially if shipping is free.

I’d rather pay 20$US for a Sofirn SP10 HE and have the components always stay the same and have the production relatively sustainable so small upgrades can be performed over time.

The combination seems to play well together. IIRC using a 1.6mm MCPCB seems to have provided enough lift for a good focus. Actually the hotspot might be larger than original now, go figure.

E2A (SST-20 4K) - EZAAw (LH351D 4K) - C01 (Yuji 5K)

I’d say Fireflies Enogear SS AA light

Terrible PWM.

Nice, very nice ! Thanks for sharing. Hard to tell from the picture but is it a twisty or it has a tail switch ?

EDIT : Apparently bad PWM. Deal breaker. Still on the hunt…

So why did you not like the lumintop tool 2.0 ?

Was that it is a tail clicker, or to many modes?

I have 3 of them so they are one of my favorites. I am not a fan of twisty UI’s, I quit carrying lights with twist UIs back when I had a Fenix E11. I like lights that I can use with one hand.

Nothing wrong about the Tool AA, it was just a question of price but seeing it for $12 on Ali, this one is a winner. If I want to be a nit-picky, I would indeed say it has too many modes for a simple emergency light ( k.i.s.s. = keep it straight simple).

To summarize it, my idea was really an C01S in AA format. All the good things from this light but with up to 3 times the runtime sounded fantastic in my mind. Also, if Sofirn can sell the C01S for $6,99 (as it is right now on their web site), I don’t see why the same light just a bit bigger could not be sold for $10-12 ?

Lumintop Tool AA also has an optional magnetic tail cap that can be used in place of the switch tail cap which would make it a twisty light, if that’s what you would prefer.