Lexels driver compilation

its now combined 1/2S
2S without AMCs using small FET and up to 4 13 Ohm resistors

Programming pads for firmware update from battery side with flash key

Is there a demand for X45 drivers?

Maybe the stock drivers tend to go bad due to a flaw or something?

BLF Firmware
a bit more Output 13.3V 15A

Do your drivers include necessary software? Why are there no feature descriptions for your drivers? Are the pictures expected to tell the story?

This is just one of more driver related topics

I have plenty of information in the other topics, this one should list just an overview for current models

I have also a complete topic with guide for the 2 mostly used firmware, of course firmware got their own Topics especially from Toykeeper

Try this thread. [Sale] 7. batch DD 1S/2S Bistro HD OTSM/NarsilM/Anduril drivers 12-47.5mm size S2+, C8, H03, MT03, Q8 Clicky or E-switch
Software is installed and tested.

Ok thanks.

See edited post above. That’s the order thread.

Since I got a D4SV2 I’m a big fan of Andruil with 1634 and RGB LEDs.
Lexel, do you have any plans to migrate some of your drivers to that architecture eventually?

Coming soon
15mm 2S

Sponsored by MascaratumB

was not here listed for some reason

Acebeam K30 (with mirrored tail board)

Thanks for your work Lexel! Just to let people know, this will be used in the LT Tool 25 and in some other 2xAA (soon to be 2x14500) flashlights !!

Thanks again and I’m sure other people will grab these too :wink:

I think this will be the final version

about 3.5 hours went into the design

Can this driver be used to drive a UV LED in a Tool 25 with 2x 14500? Will it regulate the current until the batteries are depleted to 6V?

Hi Lexel,

Will this work with Acebeam K30 GT with SBT90.2 LED?

The FET has no current limitation, the small current resistors have current limiting function but no regulation and are only useable with 6V LEDs

No regular 6V XHP

OP updated

15mm 2S drivers are now ready for production

I need one for my S42. Can you send me info on where I can buy one? I also have an issue with the charger in it. Can you replace this also?

I cant replace the charging board, only option to use it without

Ok. Where to buy the board with the new ui?