Lexels driver compilation

DD+AMC drivers:

12mm, 15mm, 15mm 2S—> 6V

17mm Programming Key and new LX

new 17mm 2S eliminating AMC7135 dedicated indicator resistor and pad
2 channel (Narsil with indicator)

3 channel (Bistro HD)

17mm 10 AMC no FET


new 1S/2S combination from my LX driver

*Astrolux S42 *20,5mm (kind of obsolete with S43 now

C8F 21700 20.6mm wide copper ring

all old designs replaced with new all in one 1 and 2S
for example for Skilhunt H03

new version with 1S 3 channel AMC and 2S dual MOSFET

22mm 13AMCs

24mm 16AMCs, FET+3 like D4S

20-25mm 1S/2S special order with smaller component boundary

v3.1 with a little bug fix

new 24-30mm 2S version without AMC for more reliability, also added 2 switch LED support

28-30mm up to 23+1 AMCs

30-33.5mm LDO small current FET 1-4S

38,5mm Cuoroi D01

42mm TN42&Niwalker BK-FA-30 2S/2P DD

46mm 2S/2P MT03
new enhanced version no more AMC7135

3 step filtering to get the ringing from PWM under control

47,5mm Astrolux MF01 and new MF01S
old design is dangerous for 2S as the AMCs are driven over max voltage specification

47,5mm BLF Q8

Buck drivers:

Input 6 to 25V
Output 1-8A as requested
The Input and Output voltage defines the switching frequency, so they have to be set for the light

I have calculations for various options

20mm For Convoy L2 or similar

21 and 22mm new more efficient MOSFET and minor changes

23mm for Klarus XT11/12GT running 2 18350s for Oslon BF or other 3V LED


30mm for Convoy L6 more efficient MOSFET and extended spacing for retaining ring

30- 33.5mm SD75 8A 2-4S buck

Acebeam K30

42mm TN42

new version up to 8A also for TN40S mods with XHP35s

42mm Niwalker BK-FA30 v2

46 mm MT07/MT07S
new version a lot more efficient MOSFET


46/47.5mm 2S/2P or 4S/1P AstroluxMF01/ Haike LiteMT03
MF01 v2 in 3S/6P LED Board mod, driver has 4S input 3S Output

MF01 v2 3S 14A dual Buck driver with new MOSFET and now single sided

Acebeam K65 the latest gen with programming port

Acebeam X45* the latest gen with programming port

BLF GigaThrower driver
XHP70.2 or White Flat up to 8A

Boost drivers:

UV-C and UV-C+UV-A drivers
standard is 500mA 7.8-8V for Klaran 275nm LED, 17mm 2 AMCs for 365nm LED, 20 and up to 4 AMCs for UVA
17mm UVC, UVC+A

20, 21, 22mm UVC+A


still under development

1S or 2S Input
6V 6A or 12V 2.5A output

also made a programming adapter for my future drivers
order in 2 Oz from Oshpark that gives 0.8mm thickness

Fits those Pogo pins from Banggood

Discontinued design, I have still PCBs
46mm MT03 AMC, Q8 Buck

:open_mouth: wow, well done Lexel! As I said before, your work and offerings are a great asset for BLF.


Very nice! :+1:

If I were to swap the current driver of the Q8 to one of these Lexel drivers, what would I gain?

Super saiyan powers.

sigh……. i wanted god powers

What is the advantage of the BLF GigaThrower Treiber XHP70.2 or Oslon Black Flat up to 8A over a modified GT driver with resistor mod?

What we really need are DTP copper MCPCB’s in XHP-70.2 format! :heart_eyes:

The Buck driver would support XHP35s, but also the tail board has to be modded to a fixed position as well the tube secured on the head

The Q8 driver is good, it is still possible to get the one with 16AMCs for regulated output up to 5.6A, the MOSFET I use is a bit better than the original, but mst gain comes from taul spring bypass

Nice lexel… you are adding more new driver…

Can you guys tell me estimate lumen and lux for thr blf gt? Xhp70.2 and oslon black … jason, we need you!

Excellent work Lexel. :+1:


Amazing amount of effort and contribution for BLF! :+1:

Good Job!

Hi Lexel, do you have any Eta on the 22mm buck driver?

I will order first prototype boards this weekend
I make them 4 layer for better heat dissipation, but this also makes the order in china expensive and I just odered a bunch of 4 layer 2 weeks ago, so I need to fill the 10x10cm with more boards before i do a new order

20mm Buck driver added

for Convoy L2

How many Lumen/Kcd can we expect for L2 with XPL hi with 1/2 LK50 ?