LG HG2 *better start running*

I just got them the other day and noticed the warning. Buying these batteries are strictly prohibited. OMG are the cops coming to get me now??

I thought these caution label has been around at least 3yrs ago?

If LG Electronics is a legislative body in your area, then you might want to lay low for a while.

I’m not doing 3 yrs in jail I tell ya! They don’t call me Flash for nuttin. I’m bolting if the knock comes. :+1:

Those batteries are so dangerous you better not even touch them!

The people who could get in trouble are the resellers, not the buyers.

An LG-man always gets his man. So be prepared.

The only thing to stop him from knocking on your door is by use of a hacksaw.
So the damn cell can no longer “LG phone home”.

Is that LG a genuine one?

I’ve tried sourcing “LG HG2” from various local sources in my country, but most of them are non-genune, with varying quality. Some are very cheap prices (which I understand if the tested capacity is low), but at other times the price is almost similar to one that I have deemed to be genuine and capacity tests out OK, but IR is a bit higher — I think that some might actually just be rewrapped “DLGH” 18650s, which would have similar capacity as LG HG2 but higher IR (note that most of these local stores will just say theirs are “genuine” even if they likely don’t know how to check capacity).

Anyway, I’ve had an LG HG2 with almost similar marking as yours, R182F302A5 where yours is R182F302AD (last digit different). That HG2 I have is a non-genuine one, it tests around correct capacity using analyzing charger to do discharge capacity test (ie. around 3000mAh), but AC IR (using YR1030 tester) gives around 30mOhms AC IR (the genuine HG2 appears to have 14-15mOhms AC IR).

(Reason I surmise the non-genuine HG2 could actually be using “DLGH” 18650 is that the “DLGH” 18650 which I also have, will also test around 3000+ mAh capacity test and has AC IR of around 30mOhms.)

I got them from 2 sellers,



As if it's genuine, the store seller has 8691 feedback score. I msg them also and they said 100% genuine. I know it's by word of mouth but they look genuine. I'll do a size measurement and discharge test and will post the results if that helps any.

Tear that label off your pillow and wrap them in that. Then no one will know. Great disguise.

LG cell delivery!

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt :smiley: .

The ones I got recently from liionwholesale don’t have that label.

Looks like they restocked them in their sale section at $3.99 btw:

Must be a Canananada thing.

They are genuine fakes.

Those are fake. I’ve never seen an HG2 with that label. I have 4 and they don’t have that.

they must be genuine, i’ve seen them on other photos two

This website may offer an explanation for the labeling on those LG cell’s
LG StaySafeBattery

I think they (LG) are being proactive regarding any misuse or unintentional use of their products.

The warning doesn’t indicate flashlights so you’re safe

That LG ad got Rossmann a little unhinged haha

Then it’s a sport. :smiley:

I’m just saying...