LG HG2...Yeah babay! Yes/No??...Maybe?

Ive seen just a few posts on this battery. I’m just wondering what most members here think about this batt? Everyone seems to talk about 30Q or VCT6 but I decided to order 8 HG2! :slight_smile:
I’m gonna store them till I get a flashlight that holds 4 or 8 of these! :smiley:

I’ve been using the H2’s for years in vaping mods and lights—no complaints. I use them more or less interchangeably with the 30Q’s and I can’t detect any real-world difference between the two batteries.

Yeah I’ve heard good things about them. Some were saying the internal resistance is second to 30q’s and stuff but I’m not really picky on minute details of the battery. As long as it’s a power house, high drain and it’s real deal then it’s fine with me.

There is no BEST battery…

With many discussions, 30Q is probably the best overall cell…

Yeah that’s true too. That’s why I already have two 30q’s. :smiley:
I think the top 3 would be 30Q, LG HG2 and Sony VCT6. I’m sure one can have a long scientific debate on which is better. Anywho, I also think the brown color LG looks like it means business! :smiling_imp:

Same as Bushmaster, they are my go to vape battery, and have many in flashlights also, if flat tops work.

They’re a great cell, from what I’ve seen 30Qs are only really more popular because they were often cheaper but had nearly identical performance.

I bought a few of the HG2’s and a few 30q’s…both have been fine. i think the hg2 offers a higher current than 30q.

Yeah for sure the 30Q and VCT6 are excellent. I almost picked the Sony’s. I also wasn’t pointing towards this battery is better that that one kinda thing.
I guess my point is I’m kind of a risk taker. Mind you nothing dumb like climbing a 100 foot chimney stack for a selfie or anything. Anywho I guess the closest I can describe my choice is…errr…Wolf in sheep’s clothing?? :smiling_imp:

Just took delivery of 4. Arrived at 3.5 V. Waiting to charge until I am home for the better part of a day.

One thing I noticed. Mine labeled LGABHG21865 instead of LGDBHG21865.

I know labeling changes and not necessarily consistent, but googling only turns up a few references to LGAB… while LGDB… seems the norm.

I guess we’ll see how they do.

Mine were ab also. No issues.

Good to hear. Based on fit and finish they do look legit.