Li-ion 3.7v C Size

Hi all,

Is there a Li-ion 3.7v cell the same size as a C cell ?? looking to buy 2 for a 2 C maglite that I have a new drop in for.

25500 is as close as i know of, but its a rather rare size with limited options

+1, not a very common size though. And keep in mind 26650, a much more common cell, will no fit in a C mag.

Thanks both will have a quick look see what I can find.

I dont know why this size cell is not more popular. I would prefer what the whole flashlight world drop 26650 and go to these.

I have a set of the blue version that say 5000ma. They are actually more like 3000 ish but the ones I got are solid. They carry a load pretty well, and seem to hold a charge fairly well over time. Even with out the protection circuit they are still a little longer than standard C cells though. I dont even know if 2 of the protected ones would fit in a C mag without shortening the spring.