Li-ion charger with V cut off

I’m looking for a, not to expensive, li-ion charger which can charge at least 18650 and 21700 cells, and can be customized with a maximum load voltage (V cut off).
It also must have the ability to monitor the internal resistance as well.

The SkyRC MC3000 could do the job, but it is far to expensive for my use.
Are there any other options/alternatives for the SkyRC MC3000 that do support V cut off?

When you say “V cut off,” do you mean it stops charging when the battery reaches a certain voltage? I am also looking for that, since I read 18650 batteries can be damaged if they are always charged up to 4.2 volts. Ideally I want the charger to stop at 3.9 or 4 volts. Any luck finding a charger for that?

s4+ is pretty good, not too expensive, not 100% sure if it does or not, but i wanna say yes

Exactly that.
Most chargers charge li-ions to 4.2V some even 4.25V due to inaccuracy.

Lifespan can reduce to about a 100 charge cycles when you charge to 4.2V and discharge to 3.3V.
The same battery can keep it’s original performance for about a 1.000 charge cycles when you don’t discharge under 3.4V and don’t charge to above 4.1V.

The Vapcell S4 Plus does not have an option to cutomize the V- cut off

oh ok…i just remember reading it had cut off, dont know if it can be customized.

I don’t think this feature is available in any commercial consumer-grade chargers yet, unfortunately.

You can easily modify any 4056 based charging module (usually cost ~1 USD) to stop charging at any desired voltage by driving the ce pin.
I does not not monitor th IR thou