light for bike, is Nitefighter BT40S for $48 good deal, or there are better lights?

Looking to get some advice. Currently I’m using convoy s2+ on my bike, but I could use something better. I was thinking also about some dual head lamp - am I correct that one head is acting as a thrower, while second is taking care of the “closest neighborhood”?
Anyway, I noticed deal at gearbest - NiteFighter BT40S for $48. Is it such a good deal, or would you recommend maybe something else?

I’d actually rather be looking for something cheaper than $40, but if for $48 I can get something really worth more than it’s probably tempting.

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Check out garrybunk’s bike light thread. A real wealth of information.

this comes up fairly often, but gives me a chance to post :slight_smile:

I ride mountain biking only, no road, lots of elevation changes, well lots for me, typically
around 1500’ of climbing/descending.

Def yes, wider floody beam on the bar, more throwy beam on the helmet for me.

I’ve tried many lights including the S2+, both on the bar and helmet. For most rides,
I am pretty content w/ using 2 BLF A6s, one on bar, one on helmet. I have
3000 and 4000 lumens lights (3xXPL EE X6) and I don’t always use them
unless it’s a full on night ride starting in darkness and I want to blow away everybody
else’s ultra expensive brand name bike lights. I know, it’s mean but so much fun :-).

Using 2 S2+ may suffice depends on your trail condition and such. You can always use
DC Fix to diffuse the bar light more if desired.

The only prob I’ve had is due to lots of vibration bombing downhill, vibration can short them
if used on the handlebar. On the helmet, our necks act as vibration damper so no problem there.
All my bar-mounted lights are fully potted.

The NiteFighter BT40S is pretty well worth the $48. It is a quality product with no corners cut. There’s a proper shelf and thermal paste for the mcpcb, the batteries are true to their capacity, its awesome having two optics incase you want more flood, the tint is neutral white, and it comes with a hearty amount if accessories. It’s very bright too.

BLF A6 I have too, actually I’m using it instead of S2+. I agree most of the time it’s nice and enough… just looking for some rare moments when I could use something stronger.

3xXPL EE X6? How much battery lasts there?
I’m trying to avoid learning to mod on my own some flashlight, so I’ll look in group buys if there’s any triple led light.

I only use high mode on the fast downhill runs. For the miserable lung busting long slow climbs, I
use one of the lower modes between 500-1000 lumens depending on speed and trail and if I’m in a middle of
a pack of riders or if I’m in the lead or dead azz last and falling behind. Typical ride is about 90 minutes
and I don’t need to change battery unless I was showing off a lot. But I always carry a spare light/battery
so I don’t stress over runtime.

Revtronic was offering a deal on the bt40 if ya reviewed it. There’s a thread on it here on BLF. Bt40 is worth it all day long at $48. I’ve had mine 8-9months and it’s seen some use. Neutral tint floody beam pattern. I use it on the handlebars and use a 2300lm triple on my helmet.