Light for video calls

In this zoom and streaming era, is there a recommendation for a ring light with good cri and appropriate color temp? Want to make my video stream look as good as possible, well-lit.

Looking for something relatively inexpensive, willing to wait for shipping from AliExpress.

Yes , you need adequate light in the room. Are you video conferencing in a dark room? Why?

You cant be considering shining a flashlight in your face so other people can see you?

That isn’t anything relevant to anything the OP asked for…. nowhere in this post did the OP mention shining a “flashlight” in his face….

The purpose of something like a ring light is to illuminate the subject with a camera to capture it regardless of how the room is “lit” as the person is the subject for the viewer especially if they are considering the streamer route.

I would say something along the like this might work best as it has a boom arm which lets you adjust positioning etc.

Gotta be careful with some cheapo adjustable lights. Nasty PWM can interact with camera shutter to cause alien death beams in the video.
All cool if you have the right sound effects to go along with them.
All the Best,

Thanks for the responses all. Correct, I am not looking to use a flashlight for zoom :slight_smile:

I do see a whole bunch a of options on aliexpress, was just hoping some of you all might have some experience with the products so I’m not shooting blind!

And good insight to be wary of PWM, didn’t think of that…

A lot of people are happy with so I’m wanting to find something similar in that form factor OR a ring light, but at a significantly lower cost :wink:

If anyone has experience with particular products or sellers, I’d love to know! Otherwise, I can be the guinea pig :slight_smile:

Found this:

Looks pretty awesome if it performs well.

6W, 64 leds,
90+ CRI
2000mAh battery
USB-C charging.

Found it and a whole bunch of white label variants on amazon. As usual for these kind of products, specs aren’t consistent… some claim 2500k-6500k, 3200k-5600k, 90+ CRI, 95+ CRI, no CRI statement, 6.5W, 10W, 2000mAh, 2500mAh, 3000mAh, sometimes on the same product listing!!!

Anyway, I ordered a couple, both with free returns. I’ll let you all know my thoughts.

does it have-to-be a RING light?

Nope, I’m actually starting to prefer a “pod” light that is maybe 4” x 4” max. I realized that I don’t want to put my webcam inside the light as it makes camera placement less ideal.

Decided to get this too to try out:


Could always take this approach to strike fear in the hearts and minds of your cow-orkers…

Looks like you ordered something, so I imagine it’s a done-deal.

I got a LITOM desk-lamp that has zero pwm, lets you set brightness and color-temp from 2700K to 6500K, and is long enough to mostly minimise shadows.

Bends like crazy, so can even be angled up to use as an area-lamp. Just make the area where you’re sitting.

Ok ok I ordered a LITOM lamp too…

This new version, with both up AND down lighting. Also goes to 1600K Amber color temp, lol

LITOM LED Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring Desk Light with Up & Down Lightening Design, 10 Brightness, 5 Color Mode, Anti-Blue Light Bulb, USB Charging Port, 1H Timer for Reading, Work, Study, Home Office

Can you please stop trying to decide for everyone what is relevant and what is not?

Maybe you should consider reading a post before commenting, as the OP requested advice on lighting for the purpose of streaming or conference calling you neglected that and came to the conclusion the OP wished to “shine a flashlight in their face” when nowhere in the post did it mention anything about a flashlight.

Some time ago I bought and reviewed the Viltrox RB08.

Major con of that light is that you cannot use it while being charged, so I don’t know if that is trouble for your needs.
Also, it is a bit more expensive than the one showed above. Still, you may want to take a look at it!

Souichirou, HAVE A NICE DAY. Try and get some sun and have a beer.

Ooo that looks nice, but running on battery only is a deal breaker.