Light not changing modes...Please help

Hey I got a quick question about a Brinyte PD03A I have. It's not changing modes like it once did. When I go to change modes it will only work like one in 30 tries but will eventually cycle all 5 mode. What should I look for to fix this, so far I have tried a new battery and have cleaned up the threads.

Thanks for any help

Sometimes if the battery is to long it pushes on the driver to hard and causes the light to stick in one mode.Try a different shorter battery or try not tightening the tail cap all way or jumping the tail cap out with a wire. Hopefully that works for you.

Try cleaning the bare metal area right above the threads (body part) where it touches the driver. Cleaning the threads won't really help since they're anodized. Then try cleaning the area on the driver (head part) where that bare metal touches as it turns on or changes modes. Clean off any oxidation/gunk on the driver.

Hopefully, this will help. Good luck.