light with "cut away head"

Hi folks, I saw a picture of a torch somewhere on the net and cannot remember where, or when….

The head of the torch was partially cut away to reveal the pill. Anyone got any ideas?


You might get better results searching for flashlight instead of torch.

I think my original post was too vague and a bit confusing…blame the hangover!

The cutaways on the head are part of the design and reveal fins on the pill, a bit like on some of the O-light designs.

Thanks for your suggestions so far, keep them coming :slight_smile:

I have not seen any with fins on the pill, there is a Xia with vents over the reflector:

I quite like this picture.

So it’s part of the design rather than a sort of disassembly picture?

blackshadow fire maybe?

I too have seen a pill with fins on ,a bit like a pc processor heat sink.


Thats what I was thinking of, a D11.

It would have helped if I had remembered a little more about the light :slight_smile:

Thanks to you all for your suggestions

I like that blackshadow fire, not noticed that one before, good find!

Raidfire spear?old flashlight though.Edit;seems you found it.

this is the d11…

There was somebody selling a SureFire cutaway on CPF recently, sold for big money.

What model and price did that go for? I don’t suppose it wasfor an L-1 engineers’ cutaway at 380$ in 2007?

Not sure of model, went to look for it just now and couldn’t find it. I’m not really into Surefires because they are so high priced.