LightJunction: Flashlights, Batteries & Tactical Lights

Hi everyone! Kelly from LightJunction here. I’m going to try and avoid sales-y language but I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know what specials we’re running.

Currently, we’re running a special on NiteCore brand
It’s running until Thursday and it’s tiered savings:

Spend $100 & Save $20
Spend $150 & Save $35
Spend $200 & Save $50
Spend $300 & Save $80

I will let you know an early secret, we’ll be running 40% off on Olight M21X starting on Friday!

The best way to hear about our specials is through our newsletter, if you’d like to sign up please shoot me a PM and I can add you to the masterlist.

Nice website. Thanks for the heads-up.