lightjunkie is now a grandfather

I know
this way off topic , but my daughter who is in Virginia Beach with her husband just sent pictures of our first grand child 30 minutes ago 10 lbs 7 0z Ada It’s my wife’s and I best Christmas ever

Not off topic at all, congratulations! Have a great Christmas!

Congrats to you all lj. What a wonderful Xmas gift.

Ada is a Miracle as she was high risk for child and mother.

Congrats, and Happy Holidays

When I worked for an antenna company, we had a customer whose nationality was a deep secret. When my daughter was born, he blew it by saying “mazel tov”.
I am not a grandfather yet, and I complain bitterly about it to her.
Mazel tov!

Congratulations lightjunkie and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Congratulations and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Congrats!! Now that’s a Merry Christmas.

Congratulations! and Merry Christmas.

Congrats on the little flashoholic :santa:

Congrats! I wish you and your family Happy Holidays! :santa:

light junkie congrats, what a beautiful surprise for Christmas :slight_smile:

Congrats mate!

Hope you guys all have a Merry Christmas. :santa:

Congratulations Rudy!

Merry Christmas indeed!


Congrats man!

Congratulations sir, best wishes and happy holidays!!!

Congratz on the win, Lj!

Ada's a big 'un. 8)

'Tis a shame 'er grandpappy's a junkie.

(Just messin' wit' ya! ;))

Congrats...!!! must be a wonderful event! hope the baby and mum are doing well!