Lights for Christmas Gifts

I got these for my family. Hope they’re useful to them. :sunglasses:

Darn good choices! Really wish I got in those 11.11 TIP deals.

I have some in the mail too. Should be a nice upgrade from the Nitecore Tube (last year’s gifts) :partying_face:

It is smaller than I thought. I was worried it is too large for EDC. Should be a nice & simple gift.


It’s me your brother in law twice removed. It’s been a while, almost as if you forgotten about me.

It’s all good, I’ll just PM you my new address.

kthanxbye. :smiley:

Wish someone in my family would give me a useful gift. Either they give nothing or something completely useless, like another tie or serving trays for the kitchen. weird.

Is your sister Monica? Or Erica? Rita? Tina? :wink:

I decided to give one to my mother in law while my wife watched me unpacking. Tint of my wife face was quite greenish and turned rosy pink when she heard that.

Nice choice :+1:

Maybe they don’t like flashlight but they like all kinds of serving trays or ties.

There will be gray color in about 26hours.

Thanks. Hope they last.
I had bad experience with Nitecore ea4.