Lights for night fishing

Hi everyone I am looking to purchase a light for my son’s to use while night fishing. Both want a small light that they can clip on a baseball hat. Is there a particular tint of light that more easily penetrats the surface of water with less glare. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Jim

Warm light is best for less glare under all circumstances. And it attracts less bugs. I doubt that anything that clips on a baseball hat is going to penetrate very much water.

regarding tint…quoting:
“Blue light penetrates best, green light is second, yellow light is third, followed by orange light and red light.”

Thanks for the info

You might be interested in this XTAR RC2-200 EDC Light, there are four colors - white, red, blue and green light with different lighting modes, widely used for camping, night running, dog walking, cycling, night fishing…

From my experience the cooler the light is the more it scares the fish. Warm lights don't bother them while 6500K sends them screaming away.

Thanks we definitely don’t want them screaming away :smiley: lol

i would get a fw3a or fwaa with warm white leds. both with pocket clips u can attach to hat no problem.

Call me crazy, but I clip an olight s2 baton to my hat, as well as sofirn c01r (red) and Lumintop AA Tool UV. I use mostly UV fluorocarbon for at least leader which shows up very well w/ the UV light. I don’t try to look into the water at night. I did need to find some sunglasses that dropped in the water last trip, at dusk, and shining the baton from above the surface was ineffective. Holding a diving light under the water worked great.