Lights I bought that work but I still hate...

Practically every crappy 9-LED tubelight I ever bought(?, dunno if I ever did) or got free. Hate ’em, usually gut them for the LED board to just tack up in places where I don’t care about light quality (under cabinets, etc.).

Pair of UF AT-01s. What a mistake. Thought they’d be decent quality even if a crappy driver/emitter, but nope, just as crappy quality as those 9-LED tubelights. Thinwall almost Al-foil tube, gritty zooming in/out, garbage switch, everything oozes “garbage!” about these lights.

I shouldda waited for Barkuti to get them and review them, so I wouldn’t’ve had to waste the time nor bux on ’em.

I don’t really hate these, just seemed like a waste to get them. 4-pack of LED lights from Rat Shack if you buy a 20-pack of their AAs/AAAs. 2×D, two 2×AA, 1×AA, I think. Decent 1W LED, cheap plastic everything, zero heatsinking, but “good enough” for muggles to be impressed with. Also seems a waste to trash a light just to get the LED… and use it for what? So I just got a bunch in a bag sitting doing nothing. They nominally work, and in case of the Zombie Apocalypse™, I’m sure lots of people would be happy to get one, but…

“Out of stock”, but they’re still selling ’em for 12bux a pop… “on sale”.

Hmm, decent goodies on their clearance sale pages, just placed an order… :person_facepalming:

Oddly i reversed the clip on my S1A and it works perfectly as a hat clip. (and still in the pocket)

Funny how a $2 part like a pocket clip can kill an otherwise good light. I had the same reaction with a light I’m about to review. I couldn’t reverse the clip but it made a good enough “friction fit” in one of my holsters that I was able to carry it. Problem is the tint is no good for work and the clip is no good for the rest of life in general. I don’t hate it but if I can’t figure out where it fits it’ll probably have to go.

I only hate the ones that broke, I guess.

I’ve got some that were so cheap, I didn;t expect much, and that was what they were - not much.

I have some that I don’t use much

  • a $7 18650 floody from Amazon, Ultrafire maybe, with a LOT of PWM, it’s still the main one to just grab and look for stuff under the sofa or behind a chair.
  • a couple of lights that are good but too big to carry - Jetbeam 2x18650, an older Convoy, something else
  • a 2xC cell Home Depot light - beam is too tight
  • 3xC cell Utilitech - found on side of road, best thrower I have - one mode - obviously too big to carry but is in bedside night table

I’ve come to dislike the whole SIPIK zoom family for some reason, but it isn’t hate exactly.


Is it really necessary TO QUOTE YOURSELF completely in a back and forth reply?

OT: i dislike the sharp edges of the slotted grip rails of the Astro Guard Dog, not only are the rails ugly but the edges tend to cut and bite into your skin—pita…

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I bought it because it was an olight clone
sadly it isn’t.

Clip is tougher than Olight so it’s annoyingly difficult to use. I tend to just toss it in my pocket instead of clipping it
While it is brighter than olight even with warm tint, it sucks battery like mad and I’m a sucker for max brightness

Fenix LD12
I crave for it. I really begs to love it. I even save up for 5 months just to buy it
It died, and my replacement came with green tint and ringy hotspot.

I miss my old LD12 that has a brownish tint to the white with close to perfect hotspot without annoying rings.
My local shop opened all 7 of his LD12 and all looked the same ugly.
Do note that all mentioned here uses XPG2 and not the old XPG

Agree on the M3 clip. It’s unfortunate. Because of it, I can’t slide it fully over my hat visor, but it’s still usable - it just sticks out further than it needs to.

Speaking of lights I own that I am not a fan of - Jetbeam ec-r26. Having to press the button for what seems like a really long time to turn it on or off is a PITA. Also, the button is hard to locate at night.

ok we will try to truncate quotes to keep whiners from whining & getting their panties all up in a knot.

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BTW, the Olight S1A clip default position makes it useful for hat/visor light. It’s the other way around that doesn’t work for me. Maybe we’re talking about different lights though? There is another Olight S1 besides the S1A and they are different lights. IIRC, the S1 is 16340 …or …something. The S1A is AA/14500.

P.S. The funny thing is that he quoted us both in entirety to write that. :laughing:

Other than slightly different body width, clip design for S1 and S1A appears identical, and also the same as on my OTR M3. The problem is that little “nipple” on the inside of the clip that prevents me from sliding it fully over a hat visor.

That should be easy to remove.

Surprised no one picked the Astrolux s42 yet. Brought it on my camping trip over the weekend. It stayed packed away. I despise that little light

I no longer hate it because i sold mine long time ago. LOL.

I have a few:

- Fenix E11. Got that one as far back as 2014, outdated for a pretty high price on a national seller, and thought I was getting a good deal out of it, young and dumb as I was. Well that joy didn’t last a month: the switch is far too tough, the light is so short it vanishes in my closed hand, the beam is too intense for indoor use thanks to its TIR optic, and the runtimes are a joke. I legitimately hate it.

- Olight S10R. Thanks to a defect (the whole story is on wle’s thread of light fails), this thing cost me 120 dollars when all was said and done; now it works just fine, but I can’t look at it with anything but disgust and contempt. Another one that my mother now has and uses, in fact it’s one of her favorites thanks to the USB charging base.

- Olight S1. Not due to any problems or price or anything, but I found out I’m not a fan of CR123-sized lights - far too little runtime in the lower modes. It’s the kitchen’s flashlight of choice, but I only use it for the 3min timer, really. The cool white tint doesn’t help.

  • Convoy S2, 3/5 firmware. I wanted to like it, I really did, but I just can’t stand the 3/5 firmware for an EDC light; on-time memory and blinky on low are tremendous inconveniences when you only use your torch in a jiff then turn it back off, several times during the day. It fell more and more into disuse ever since I got my M1 with Biscotti, now it’s a shelf queen until I get a financial break to set up a soldering station, then I’m gonna get a custom driver (likely Biscotti since Simon sells it, otherwise I’ll go for Bistro) for it.

I didn’t buy this light, (sort of gift), and sort of don’t hate it anymore : The foursevens MMU X3R Firstly, I was in AWE to get such a pricey gift!! :partying_face: A foursevens Maelstrome? :heart_eyes: Eventually, after using the light, my cloud 9 started sinking. :weary: The UI (with a too high, lowest mode,) and forward clickie, aggravated the HECK out of me and the, cool white, domed LEDs produced a medium floody beam that really didn’t seem all that bright compared to my two other highish powered lights. (current draw for the MMU wasn’t spectacular.) Additionally, I DISLIKED being forced to use a proprietary cell while I have three other 26650s and no other 26650 powered light! :person_facepalming: Firstly, I dedomed the LEDs (breaking one bond wire of one LED —> GRRR! ) and that vastly improved the beam. After some time, I decided to dismantle the blasted foursevens cell and eventually tore apart the bloody circuit and swapped in a 17mm FET+1 driver!!! :laughing: Hehhehe. After ratching in a reverse clicky in the tailcap, the light is now among my most favorite lights!

Modding fixes everything, and the overpriced junk that is Foursevens is no exception :smiley: Good thing you didn’t pay for the host!

You just quoted it completely while not even being part of that particular back and forth reply…

Lights I bought that work but I still hate...

None. I still have every light that I bought. The older ones are more obsolete, but I like them more because they bring back more memories.

Topic threads I read that work but I still hate...

Only the trolling ones.

BLFer hated his flashlight… what he did next will shock you!