Lights I bought that work but I still hate...

I didn’t buy this light, (sort of gift), and sort of don’t hate it anymore : The foursevens MMU X3R Firstly, I was in AWE to get such a pricey gift!! :partying_face: A foursevens Maelstrome? :heart_eyes: Eventually, after using the light, my cloud 9 started sinking. :weary: The UI (with a too high, lowest mode,) and forward clickie, aggravated the HECK out of me and the, cool white, domed LEDs produced a medium floody beam that really didn’t seem all that bright compared to my two other highish powered lights. (current draw for the MMU wasn’t spectacular.) Additionally, I DISLIKED being forced to use a proprietary cell while I have three other 26650s and no other 26650 powered light! :person_facepalming: Firstly, I dedomed the LEDs (breaking one bond wire of one LED —> GRRR! ) and that vastly improved the beam. After some time, I decided to dismantle the blasted foursevens cell and eventually tore apart the bloody circuit and swapped in a 17mm FET+1 driver!!! :laughing: Hehhehe. After ratching in a reverse clicky in the tailcap, the light is now among my most favorite lights!

Modding fixes everything, and the overpriced junk that is Foursevens is no exception :smiley: Good thing you didn’t pay for the host!

You just quoted it completely while not even being part of that particular back and forth reply…

Lights I bought that work but I still hate...

None. I still have every light that I bought. The older ones are more obsolete, but I like them more because they bring back more memories.

Topic threads I read that work but I still hate...

Only the trolling ones.

BLFer hated his flashlight… what he did next will shock you!

Shouldn’t this include a link to the G700 or one of the spec ops approved lanterns?

no - he hated it because it had those pointy taser prongs - LIGHT SHOCKS MAN!


2D incan Maglite with a Malkoff 2D LED drop-in. Tint: bright green…

Maybe it’s not a 2D, but a 2S or 2T. :smiley:

(Okay, why’d I think that would land?)

S42, and I was lucky that mine worked right out of the box. The UI is just awful…not sure what they were thinking with that UI.

Haha, maybe!

My 75mm aspheric head UniqueFire 1508. Nice light, with a lot of potential, but the head must be almost completely unthreaded to get the beam to focus. And it’s not a zoomie, so out of focus isn’t a very useful beam.

I forget the model off the top of my head…but that single AAA Astrolux…I have the copper one. I don’t like how short the threaded section is and don’t like the UI.
I’ll probably give it away to someone at some point.

Ugh, the A01 with next mode memory? Yeah, I made the mistake of buying an aluminium version of that thing.

I’m in for the GAW! I’ll trade out those junky innards for something that’ll REALLY shine! :wink:

That’s funny, after I read a few posts I started thinking that’s what this thread might turn into.
Let the swap-meet begin LOL.

I’ll take that unloved DV-S9. :smiley:

Dunno what lights I have that I “hate”, that don’t Really Truly suck. :smiley:

Trust me… you don’t want an AT01. Not unless you like garbage.

Purchased this Revtronic AA light, and regret buying it.
It was less than $10 and pretty useless at this moment.

Modding will bring it new meaning but the host isn’t quite good.

I don’t really regret buying any of the lights I have actually.

I have lights I bought back in the day that don’t work anywhere near as nicely as the newer ones do, but I don’t regret buying them.

At the time I didn’t know any better, and they were upgrades compared to what I had before.

I didn’t buy this one, it was actually a giveaway, but adding it here:

My Nitecore EC4. It’s a well built light, and I like the configuration and features, but the parasitic drain is horrible. I’ve lost two sets of cells that this light drained down to 0V in a surprisingly short amount of time.