Lights I bought that work but I still hate...

An Eagletac double A clicky. Was super bright but if it was in low mode and you ever so slightly touched the head it would for a fraction of a second be in turbo mode. Very bad quality control for a $60.00 flashlight.

I dont hate any of my lights because I research like a crazy about it :smiley:

Im only bit sad with the tn40 and their hand heater on turbo mode, but it can handle very well even burning my hands :stuck_out_tongue:

Zanflare F1 has got one foot on a banana peel. Double click to get to turbo seems iffy and I don’t think I’m ever going to like the tail-switch itself. If I wasn’t cycling through the modes half of the time instead of getting turbo I could learn to live with it. I got this light at a bargain basement price it should be easier to like.

To be continued…

Hmm, can’t speak to the doubleclick-to-turbo, but I rather like the tailswitch. It’s got a nice “snap” to it, like the metal switch on the S2+, not the usual mushy rubbery feel of most tailswitches.

Olight S Mini in polished titanium. I don’t hate the light itself - I think it’s pretty attractive, and very powerful for such a small light. But I hate that I spent so much money on something that is virtually useless to me. The whole form factor and the fiddly switch just feel wrong to me - there is no way I can hold it comfortably, and at the same time keep my thumb on the switch. I also hate pocket clips, but after reading about other people scratching their light when they removed the clip, I’ve been reluctant to take mine off. And there is no lanyard attachment to hang it on my keyring. So someone will probably end up getting it as a present.

Too bad you didn’t get an S1. It’s only marginally longer, but it doesn’t have any of the problems that you listed. If I were a fan of 16340, it would be my favorite torch in my collection.

I might have to try it once I’ve got funds available again (just spent the last of this month’s flashlight budget on an L6 from Simon’s shop, after ordering the Emisar D1 a few days ago). My first ‘real’ light was the Olight SR52UT, and I’m really impressed with their quality - which is also why I got an i3E EOS for a friend, when she asked me about a good keychain light. But I guess that in this case I was blinded by the appearance, and I ignored its usability (or rather lack thereof) for my purposes.

It’s official - I hate this light.

Maybe I don’t have “the touch” but this particular double click to turbo mode is too elusive for me to call this useful.

I’ll trade this for pretty much any convoy or even the despised S42 with anyone in the continental US. Make me an offer.


Just go with it.

get a photo 52mm green filter (dissemle from filter rings). swap it out as the lens and bingo an intentional green light!

Well, I’ve thoroughly changed my mind about that - I had a medical emergency, and just spent two days in hospital. The S Mini was hooked onto my keyring with the clip (not perfect, but I thought it would do until I’ve found a light that I like with a split ring attachment), and it was the only light that I had with me. It made me realise what a great pocket candle it is in the lowest mode, and I’m impressed by how long that small battery lasts. The only thing I need to find for it now is a diffuser cap.

Truly a lifesaver… to be stuck in hospital without at least one little companion would probably be a nightmare for any flashaholic! :slight_smile:

“The best flashlight is the one ya have with ya.”

I’m getting a bit bored with the 5000K XP-L ’502 that I always carry with me, so want to swap that for a 4 or 5. I like the 4C with TIR from my S2+, but dunno if it’ll be too fried-egg for me in a reflector. Maybe a 5D will have enough phosphor to lessen the fried-egg effect. Dunno. But until I do anything with it, I’m still carrying it with me. :smiley:

Every LED Maglite I’ve ever bought. They’re just awful, everything about them. (The incan versions were okay 20 or 30 years ago.)

Every 4sevens light I’ve ever bought. I just hate their cool white only offerings. Also, the Quark Pro mode sequence means I have to go through flashies just to drop the brightness by 1 level. The Atom is poorly made, and flickers a lot.

Almost every really cheap light I’ve bought. They break after a couple of months of use. Oh, and the angry blue tints!

Every Costco light-pack I’ve bought, especially the zoomies that paste a LED image on target. The Costco lights never seem to deliver the output they promise, and the tint is really bad.

L3 Illumination L10. Actually, I don’t hate this light. But I used it once, and have never touched it since. I’m not sure why. Maybe I secretly hate it, but can’t bright myself to admit I hate a Nichia 219 light? I should have bought the 3-mode version, as 4 modes is too many to cycle through on a twisty.

BLF 348. I bought about a dozen of these lights. I hate them, because they only have 1 meh mode. Everyone else in my family loves them. Maybe I hate them because they get so much use, I’m constantly having to change the batteries, and it’s not easy with those fine threads.

I’m probably the only person alive that actually liked that light. Yes, the UI isn’t the best (though the 4-mode sequence isn’t bad). And it’s not practical for EDC. But, I like the built-in USB charger. And I really love the Nichia 219 tint, and it’s impressively bright on turbo. Almost pure flood, so I would have thought it would make a good light for around the campsite.

This little light will grow on you. I use mine also as a bedside lamp / candle and it’s perfect for it. Put a warmer emiter in there and a big chance it will end up as one of your favourite lights.

Well, I have a light I bought from wish/geek…it works and its advertised for 9000 lumens with a great battery. It has internal charging also. But…. I hate that flashlight…the battery was a ultrafire 4200 mah. Problem is my friend says its great….and support this kind of crap since he give good feedback to wish/geek.

My guess flashlight is about 400 lumens and the ultrafire battery is useless.

My Sunwayman C10R Torpedo. It has the worst green tint and it’s not that bright even with a 16340. I wish I never bought it.

In other words, a Cheapo. Best place for those is the trash bin.

Show your buddy a Convoy of any kind sometime and watch him be blown away :smiling_imp: Likely angry too because he paid far more for the scammy cheapo than he would for an S2+ or C8… :smiling_imp:

Yep….Sunwayman has been on my
-$-HIT List for quite some time. I had 2 lights of theirs that FAILED… :cry: So then, I sold the D40A (third light), as I had no confidence in sunwayman longevity from that point on.

Ode to Sunwayman: My final thoughts on Sunwayman lights: - COMPLETELY AVOID

I didn’t realize Sunwayman has so many issues. My D40 hasn’t given me a problem. But then again it’s basically a shelf queen since I’m not into 4x AA flashlights these days. I’ve seen a couple with cracked switch membranes posted on BLF, but that’s about it. My C10R works, but IMO it’s a peice of crap.

Jack Keller wrote:

”In other words, a Cheapo. Best place for those is the trash bin.
Show your buddy a Convoy of any kind sometime and watch him be blown away Evil Likely angry too because he paid far more for the scammy cheapo than he would for an S2+ or C8.”

Agree I sold S2+ and C8 to friends but this friend says he can buy best deals from wish/ geek and we have a different opinions. He also bought a solar battery charger smaller than a 18650 battery but claimed 30000 mAh. And today I see they claim 300 000 mAh for a small battery bank on geek/wish :person_facepalming:

Problem is he gets angry when I mention this. Maybe he will see the light later.

In time: