Lights I bought that work but I still hate...

Sounds more like he’ll only see the light once one of those shoddy batteries catches fire on his pant pocket or bag.

Yeah, I’ve never had a serious problem with my D40A (nw) either. Very nice tint, bright, works well. My only three issues with it are:

1. Modes go from high to low. I prefer the other direction. But there is a long-press to moonlight from off, which is good.

2. I don’t like multi-switch lights. Too difficult to find the right switch for “on” in the dark, if you need light in a hurry. This is completely subjective, though.

3. Turning off from moonlight triggers a “bug” which results in a super-dim moonlight glow. It consumes 0.25mA of current from the batteries. It’s so dim it’s of no use, even as a locator for the middle-of-the-night. You can only see it if your eyes are dark-adapted and you stare right into the LED. You can stop it by using the tail lock-out, or turning it off from a higher mode.

I wasn’t aware that Sunwayman had a bad rep. The D40A is my only light from them.

Jack, thanks for the video. Sunwayman used to be considered one of the top brands a few years ago. Sad, isn’t it.

Yes it is. Just a small stint of poor QC can ruin the reputation that took years to get settled. Gotta keep it up with the best of them.

I’ve also heard many ghost stories that their customer support is atrocious, and that they backend Battery Junction, another business with pretty bad CS. Not that it surprises me with the amount of SWM deals they pop up with at least twice a week.

Has to be the Astrolux S42. I just can’t deal with the UI after EDCing a Zebralight for over a year.

“Quality fade”.

I don’t really like my Convoy L4, having a tail cap on off switch and a side mounted mode switch messes with my brain, and every time I want to turn it off I end up just changing the mode until my brain remembers I’m pressing the wrong switch.
The tactical tail cap is also really annoying and makes no sense to me on a light like the L4, I wish it was removable. If I had it to do over again I would have saved some money and just bought a C8, I think I’d have been much happier.

Seriously? It’s permanent? Ewww.

I can’t stand rings, clips, any crap that just gets in the way.

My VG10? Both came off before I even stuck a battery into it.

Yeah, that would make me hate it, no matter how good it might otherwise be.

The tactical ring on L4 is machined as part of the tail cap. And a tail cap off a Convoy C8 won’t fit the L4 so you can’t just swap tail caps either. I’ve seriously considered filing it off, but I don’t like the duel switch set up, so I would never use the light enough to make it worth the effort.

Teats on a bull, sez me.

At least I can strip down my L2 (and VG10) to make it look like an actual flashlight.

I don’t regret buying, and I still enjoy to have experienced this classic of a light… but man… I hate it. This light is just awful… Nitecore TM26GT. Honestly this light also made me seriously dislike Nitecore a lot. Although their cheaper offerings are just wonderful, like the Tube and LA10 CRI.

First of all, most mainstream decent 4x18650 lights are in the $200 range, like the Thrunite TN36 and M43 when it was new. What does Nitecore? Boom, $400 for TM26(GT). Sure it’s got an OLED display, which I really, really like. But come on, that’s not going to make the light that expensive.
Anyhow, Gearbest had this amazing deal that I couldn’t resist. It was like $160, which is unheard of….

Blah blah blah whatever. Honestly, I don’t feel like writing about this piece of junk light; just get two MF01. The end.

Two flashlights I wish I hadn’t bought almost from the first time I used them:

Sofirn SF10 – bad bad pmw, barely but audible noise

Sofirn SF12 – bad bad pmw, barely but audible noise, bad tint, bad switch, bad machining

Astrolux S42. Worst UI ever.

You probably need to loosen the D25’s head a bit more to avoid that the threadings’ play turns it in the high mode of the other group of modes.
1/2 turn is enough on my D25C Ti clicky, 1/4 of a turn isn’t but I don’t consider this a result of a “very bad quality control”, only machining tolerance.

If my count is correct I think it’s +6 for the Astrolux S42 (even after correcting for short battery tube and improved USB cover), which is more than for any other single light mentioned. :frowning:

As others have mentioned, there’s a lot to like about this light (e.g., quad, battery tube choices, turbo/modes, Dragon Breath, USB charger, etc.) which is why I originally pre-ordered, but the UI is so awful that mine stays in back of the kitchen draw.

It was my first Astrolux and it made such a poor impression that I now pass over all other new Astrolux models. I realize that’s being prejudice but with so many other brands from which to choose, I don’t feel bad (or that I’m missing anything).

FWIW, the reason I even resurrected this thread was because I came across it during my periodic search of BLF for mentions of S42 UI/driver - I keep hoping that someone posts that they’ve successfully flashed their driver!

Thorfire S70S, great output, awful awful(in my opinion) user interface. Never use it, just sits their on standby. I hate lights that are long press off. Should be operated from tailcap with side button to only change modes. That would be perfect.

Nitecore MH10, Its a good light but has some issues:

  • USB port cover constantly pops open, have to jam it back in place anytime you use the light or take it out of the pouch…not a well thought out design.
  • Only has mechanical lockout through tailcap, found battery dead a few times since switch is easy to accidentally turn on, so have to keep tailcap spun out a little to break circuit, and when you do spin it the pocket clip likes to spin as well
  • Even though its easy to turn on accidentally, its hard to differentiate between the switch and port cover in the dark
  • Had to sew the pouch when I received it as they had missed about an inch of stitching on the velcro

prefer the P12 with dual switches

Fenix LD05… the PWM is unbearable… still keeping it as a reminder of how much I hated the low frequency PWM!
SureFire Titan… my standard tint comparison light due to that puky greenish tint…