Lights w/3 led's?


? Cree 3x T-6- xm-L-t6 4,000 lmi

Priced $42.00 shipped?

Is this a good flashlight/torch and price?

Not enough info... How about brand/model? The popular budget choice seems to be the Trustfire TR-3T6 @ ~$55:

For $42, I would bet Fry Ray driver and pill with bad heat sinking for short run times followed by a long dark time.

The big $penders here like to go for the Dry or the King for closer to $80...

Do you have a link? I am not aware of many 3-XML 26650 lights.

this one should probably be avoided, unless you aren't expecting full brightness from each XML.

I have my eyes on the skyray 856, but I'm not in any hurry. I would still expect each XML to only be moderately driven in a light this small.

A single XML driven to its full potential in lights this small will need ~9 Watts (3A @ 3.2V). Three bumps that to ~27W. A single 26650 can't hang with that kind of demand, and even with two in series it's pushing things.... IMHO. So, I would expect 3-XML 26650 to be somewhat under driven, although it should still have more/greater potential than the same number of 18650 cells.

KING is only as low as $65 shipped now @ lightmalls. Not too big $ as used to be (though still too high for me).

However the king will be money well spent IMO, great reviews on runtime and output, and parallel battery placement is just great. You could run this with 2, 3, or 4 batteries and all they do is add capacity. You DON'T worry about frying the driver as opposed to adding batteries in series.

Placing batteries in series, increasing the voltage, then having the driver drop the voltage back to match LED Vf, never make sense to me. Just not the most efficient way to run things.

x2... the biggest advantage (or at least one of them) of the XML is its lower Vf that better matches the voltage range of the various 3.6V Lithium cell types, across a broad range of applied current levels.

Just purchased this one 2.5A (will be a long wait).


*Material: 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum


*The 4.5A version outputs ~ 3000 lumens

*The 2.5A version outputs ~ 2300 lumens

*Power supply( NOT included ): 3 x 18650 battery

*Modes: 4 (L-M-H-Strobe) / 5 (L-M-H-Strobe-Turbo)

*Mode spacing is 5%-50%-100% for L-M-H modes

*Runtime: 1.5 hours on High, 3-4 hours on Medium, 10 hours on Low

*Useful form factor housing 3 x 18650 batteries

*Finish: Anodized surface

*Led Lifespan: 50,000 hours

*IPX6 Waterproof, Heavy splashing and Rain

*Dimensions: 152mm(length) x 47mm(body) x 58mm (head)

*Package: Black box