Lights WO any blinkies?

Is there a list of hand/head held flashlights that don’t have any sort of strobe or other blinky?
I just noticed that the Sofirm D25S doesn’t……

totally up to you to seek out lights without blinkies
care to share what motivates your preference?


fwiw, there are some lights that have blinkies in the normal mode sequence… I dont have any of those, and would definitely avoid them.

otoh, on some of my lights, blinkies are optional, and I dont have to rotate through them during normal operation

they are only accessible through “special” click sequences, triple click for example

so I dont find that to be a problem, and, when living in Urban California, I found blinkies useful for crossing the street… so a hidden blinky, to me, has merit

also, some lights have programming options, to include or omit strobe,
for example the Preon 1, and HDS

blinkies are pretty hard to get to on the FW3A
if you do, though, they are actually variable speed strobes, which are cool

thats a cool feature
also present in the Jetbeam RRT-01

IF the operator uses a special input sequence, to access strobe,
the flashing can then be dimmed or made brighter…

fw3a has one mode that has max brightness all the time

the other uses the last level used before entering the strobe

Skilunt E3A.

That Fw3A keeps popping’ up everywhere.

I just thought that the blinky stage was a waste of time……
though after reading further it seems there is a use……like alerting oncoming traffic!

Those skilhunt blues are nice but smaller than I’d like….wah, wah :whining:

what battery size do you want to use?
what is the application for this light you are seeking?
what other features are you hoping for?

Been a while since I looked (or had to), but I think anything with Biscotti (eg, a Cometa; just pick which modegroup you want that doesn’t have blinkies) or Narsim (eg, a Q8; can disable blinkies from some config mode) can do that.

Yeh, just looked:

Go crazy…

The Sofirn SP40 is a nice headlamp without any flashing modes - double-click is turbo, and that’s basically it for special shortcuts.

Most Convoy lights are available with 4 modes (levels) and/or selectable mode groups. Convoy flashlight Store

I hate blinkies. Never once In my life had a use for them. If I had to fish from a primitive boat in the South China Sea or cross roads in California I might feel different.

Thanks all. I was thinking an 18650ish light. The UI cheatsheet is helpful and I need to add some more Convoy’s sooooo now I can kill a few hours surfing….Happy New Year!