Lights you're ashamed you're even thinking of buying

Ok.. We all look at lights all the time and a few of them we keep coming back to even though we know they are junk ..

lets see them .. no explaination is nessesary ..we all are doing it too ,we feel your pain .

I'll confess first . side button cuz it's a AA and small

NO expensive lights please we don't care if you're staring at an expensive light ..

we're talking trash here .


Insanity at $8 or less is nothing to be ashamed of. I really like the look of that Small Sun ZY-A29 myself. A sort of smoothed up and slip-streamed SK68 and with modes for the same price as a Sipik. The one thing that stopped me pulling the trigger on it myself after reading your link was that it does not appear to handle 14500's and with no shots of the pill there's no idea if it could be decently modded.

Oh dear - DX have the Small Sun ZY-A29 as 1xAA but Manafont have it as 3xAAA. Different dimensions too at each site so it looks like there are two different Small Sun ZY-A29's. Maybe a lottery which one turns up.

No, the Manafont version is the same (using 1*AA), it's just a mistake. You can see it at the body (no way to stuff 3*AAA in there) plus the measurements are NOT different.

The ZY-A29 is the same as the UltraFire k41 btw.

I want to buy the Yemao YM-X01 even though it looks ridiculous. It's only available at a shop I really want to avoid (and I don't want to link to it, just google the name). I hope another shop will sell it soon.

I've always wanted to do an ultra-budget shootout with the junkiest lights I can find on dx or ebay or harbor freight for that matter. Basically all the 3*aaa stalwarts and AA's with chinese emitters and probably even coin cell lights.

Actually, I admit to actually owning quite a few.

The light I’m most embarrassed or ashamed to be thinking of is the BLF Tank xm-l zoomie. After the yezl debacle I should know better but I keep thinking that this one will be better. Stupid brain.

I was actually looking at this light because I like the movie, no other reason. You know the light is junk and I wqill not buy it.....but I did look at it.

I also looked at this for my wife because I can not find her a pink flashlight.

Not even the fact it's pink, but it had such horrible performance my girlfriend would have been pissed because her key chain light was far brighter, but once I dropped a direct drive Q5 with some Duraloops in there and a pink trit it was a winner.

XM-L with a neutral BIN, AW 18650, GILD o-rings, some heatsink, paracord wrist lanyard, the usual

Just for old times sake.....

Did he get a new hair cut ??

He looks a little thinner

i love that pic .

those key chain lights were the bomb

Did I miss something in that pink pig??? What is the joke?

If you go to DX and click on "flashlight" the first (and probably oldest) item to appear is that pig key chain light. It's a brave person to actually admit to buying one :)

Actually the junkiest light I'll admit to buying (sorry don't have a picture) is a $6 piece of rectangular blue plastic with a folding plastic handle from DX. It's a light that doesn't require a battery (actually it has a build in rechargeable battery that you recharge by turning that handle for 30 seconds for 30 minutes of light).

It even has a sliding switch. If you slide it up you have a light. If you slide it down you have a red laser :)

I not only have the pig but the cow. In this case beef is better than pork and worth the few cents extra.

I purchased my first (and worst) budget flashlight about two years ago. It's a 7 white LED & red laser pointer combo from DealExtreme:

The flashlight is woefully dim. And I don't know much about laser pointers, but the laser seems adequate. I used it to play with cats, but realizing it might be dangerous, I no longer use it. The worst part is that there is only one (flimsy) button to cycle through the modes: flashlight->off->laser->off. If the flashlight part were a lot brighter, and the cycling through the modes better thought out, maybe it would be acceptable. I am ashamed of this lame laser pointer.

I keep thinking of buying a couple of those 10-packs of coin cell lights at dx and putting them everywhere. I know I've got at least one light on me at all times, but I still can't shake that urge to have a light on everything, in case I don't have one on me.

... Then I go look at knives and forget all about it for another day or two.

I was thinking more of lights that you keep stopping at and thinking about buying and then something snaps you back into reality and says ..wait a minute you "KNOW" it's gonna be a pile of garbage ..

thank-you for sharing racoon city ... that lanyard is a dead giveaway ,any light that uses it is awful..

Your shame must indeed be great.:~

68 LEDs for $12-99...

And no, I didn't count 'em.

Someone showed me one of these and I keep thinking..Hmmm...maybe it's not pure garbage .

MAXCRAFT Compact Multi-Light, 27-LED Light3 on the front and 24 on the side 2 lights in one ...

built in magnet and a handy foldaway hook ..3AAA's?.. just snaps me back to reality

They have this at Harbor Freight for 3 bucks. It is brighter than the "Blue Point" offerings they have on the SnapOn truck for five times the price and it has a hook. Might actually be useful.