Lightscastle good first experience

I just got a from Lightscastle. It arrived in 2 weeks? which I find very good from China. I was not expecting it so soon. The packaging wasn’t great. It was thin bubble wrap over a really cheesy cardboard box wrapped in tape. The light was a tank though and arrived in fine shape. Before I ordered I used Google-Fu for Lightscastle Coupon and got 5% off and free tracking. The tracking actually worked. All in all I’m impressed. It was much faster than my 8? or so China orders from Aliexpress and FleaBay.

- Joe

They are one of the better vendors as far as I am concerned.

So far I like Lightscastle for lights. Illumination Supply is good. Especially for real batteries. I here so much good stuff about that I like them without even ordering from them yet…:slight_smile:

- Joe

Get anything in 2 weeks from a China vendor is good!

Even if they would have sent the wrong light, I’d still be happy. :8)

Bought the identical light and received it last week. I bought it for a gift. The major difference is only 5 modes instead of the 3/5 modes of my previous copy. It also lacked the GID Orings. My order took a bit longer but blame Chinese New Year for the delay. Pleased with my order except the protected Fandyfire 14500 batteries checked at 430ma capacity.

Glad everything went well with your order,lightcastle has been my favorite place to order from and that stl-v6 you ordered is amazing and the price that they sell it for is a real steal.

Out of all the light’s I own the stl-v6 is the one I still pick up the most to use.

Another place I recommend is and the first light I recommend getting from there is the Ultrafire HD2010 with the XM-L2 LED in it they offer the light in a 1,3,5 mode version’s….I personaly choose the 3-mode one 国产不卡视频在线,国产不卡视频在线观看,国产不卡网站 especialy since it’s still on sale (the 3-mode version only is in sale).

I also bought an Ultrafire C8 with an XM-L2 from willbuying that is on sale (only the single mode version) and it is a realy good high powered C8 they put a good strong driver in it 国产不卡视频在线,国产不卡视频在线观看,国产不卡网站 nice white light to.

So far all the light’s I have bought from come with very strong driver’s in there light’s which make all the difference.

I also just opened an account and ordered from Lightscastle the Fandyfire STL V6 based from your good experience.
I used coupon code 5percent on top of the 53 percent store claimed discount.
Thanks for the heads up.

I like lightscastle too, my last order was some drivers and they showed up fast.