Lightweight (max 60 g), reverse tail clicky with say 3 modes? (18650)


Can anyone give some suggestions on a reverse tail clicky that is light weight (for in the house, travelling etc. as alternative to the FC11), max 60 g (which I find light with 18650, whereas say a S2+ at 75g + same 18650 feels heavy), and 2 or 3 modes. No flashing that I need to click past, that annoys me in the Ferei Mini800 that a friend gave me long ago that I modified with a neutral white LED. It’s fine otherwise but I can’t get the driver out to replace that so looking for something else. The Ferei’s driver runs the LED at max ca. 1.0A which is fine, I don’t need high power for the intended purpose of this light…

I saw the Lumapower LM36 which looks nice, and should be easily moddable (I would change the LED to a high CRI one), but though the site is online, mails bounce and it doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere. So are there alternatives?

Is a side switch entirely a no no? There’s the Sofirn S11-C which is very lightweight

What about Jaxman E2L ? 65g, 3 modes, no blinkies, XPG2 or Nichia219C HICRI version.

Thanks for the suggestions. The Sofirn looks interesting but mostly for price. I already have a light with side switch, the Wurkkos FC11, which I got to 56 g by removing the clip and the magnet in the tail cap, which is the same as the Ferei and perfect in that I don’t feel them on the lightweight neck strap.

With the side switch it takes a bit of messing around to find it, whereas with a tail switch you know where it is, esp. when hanging from a neck strap. So I want to find a good light weight light with tail switch as an alternative to the FC11.

As to the weight: I tend to leave them hanging on the strap while doing some work where I may need them, and when travelling the same, so weight is an issue in that with heavier ones I tend to feel it more quickly. And total weight of 75+45 =120g for the S2+ is definitely too much for me. 56-60g + 45g 18650 works well. I could get a lighter one with AA but for travelling I want to use only 18650s as I use those for a powerbank for phone (for navigation) too using the ML-102.

The Jaxman E2L looks nice, slightly over the weight limit I set but I will experiment a bit with that weight to see if that could work.

If anyone has other suggestions they’re still welcome!

Fw3A is 53g. It can be configured in stepped ramping for how many steps you want. A bit finicky sometimes though .

there are 17 lights that meet your weight limit, battery size, and switch position:\_,105

Zero actually when you reduce the weight to 60g, 1x 18650, rear switch lol

EDIT: It includes batteries, my mistake

It would be 24 matches then. 60g for the light + 50g battery = 110g

thanks Funtastic, I edited the link in post #6 to total 105 grams w battery…

here is one example:
this light weighs 49 grams empty… and is available with High CRI

That’s a useful site! Though it doesn’t allow, it seems, to select for reverse clicky, which I prefer for simplicity also that you don’t need to lock it when putting it in a bag, contrary to say a FW3A.

As to weight, my NCR18650Bs weight 45g, the 18650 that came with the FC11 weighs 48g, what is taken as the reference value for that site? (btw. for some reason the 18650 constraint is gone after the page is loaded, even though it is in your link).

I will have a look at the options for the exact switch and UI they use. The Eagletac/Eagtac (did they change their brand name?) looks interesting…

If you give up on an 18650 size, try the Convoy T2 AA/14500, 3 modes, 51g

Maybe the Skilhunt H04 High CRI version, 48g

glad if it helps you
hope you find a light that suits you :slight_smile:

about Eagletac UI
I recently bought a D25A (not 18650) but I think these comments apply

the reverse clicky switch sits flush, surrounded by a metal ring, making it very difficult to activate unintentionally… I think you will like that part

it has 3 modes, and always starts on the lowest
I can program the lowest to be either 0.5 or 5 lumens

I do not recommend the FW3A, too many switch issues.

Second for the S11C, which is a paltry 50g or so, if you don’t actually hate sideclickies.

It’s about the lightest 18650 light I ever came across.

Never liked those generic clips, so off it goes.

Forgot if it has a magnet, but could likely be taken out to shave off a few more g.

Add lube to the threads, though, as they tend to be dry and scratchy.